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  1. See I’ll never understand this argument like are trans people supposed to care about their skeletons in a thousand years??

  2. Seems like a compelling case for letting people live their fucking lives without making it harder.

    But no, let’s just dig in and really make them suffer.

  3. The weird part is that first of all the assumption that brands people will be forgotten about like people won’t remember what being trans is.

  4. even anthropologists admit that sex is not always clear when they only have a skeleton to work with. so once again the “iT’s sCieNce” crowd is wrong and no one is surprised

  5. Scientists readily admit that judging biological sex from a skeleton is ineffective and has lots of room for error.

  6. I wonder what about men means that so many more of their skeletons get preserved. It could not be that the premise of sexing skeletons is on some level flawed, it must be something about men’s skeletons are better at being preserved.

  7. Ah yes because scientists are going to dig up my marked grave to see what my bio sex was 😂. I hate people who use this logic. I don’t care what biology says. My gender says I’m male and that’s all I care about. I won’t be alive in 1000 years so who cares.

  8. Anti-trans folks either don’t understand that sex and gender are different things, or knowingly want to simplify the latter to have no explanatory power, just sort of willing the phenomenon out of existence. It’s funny, because traditionalists support gender roles so damn hard, which is actually supporting the claim that gender is indeed a thing.

  9. It’s an archeologists job to also recognize the culture and societal constructs of the people they are digging up. So they would recognize the difference between gender and sex within a culture. Also assuming we haven’t resorted back to living in caves in 1000 years well still have to internet to let us know what the fuck was going on. Hopefully by then we’ll have moved past this dumbass bigotry.

  10. People think they’re so fucking clever when they point out that sex is a thing. In reality, they’re just announcing that they’re woefully under-educated.

  11. I haven’t come out to my parents yet. They aren’t as homophobic as most but still make comments and have opinions that hurt me so much to hear from my own family. It makes me feel like I’ll never be able to tell them. Like it will never be safe to be who I am in front of them. I understand this pain you have, the best we can do it keep moving forward and live as we truly are and be the best people we can be. Not everyone will love us or even accept us. But to set a good example by living good lives will convince someone, will inspire someone and even one cold heart turned warm is a huge victory.

  12. It’s almost like people have sexes, different from the overall gender, and that acknowledging one’s identity as valid helps them, you know, not feel discarded or demeaned. It may be a man’s skeleton, but a corpse is not the person.

  13. reminds me of the “male” skeleton they found from the iron age dressed in female clothing and they were convinced that there used to be a woman in there as well, dancing around the obvious.

    turns out the person was likely intersex, having XXY chromosomes. they could have been a trans woman. they could have simply been nonbinary. but that seemed to elude the “academics”.