Satanists win again in Delco as another school district…

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Satanists win again in Delco as another school district amends its dress code

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  1. I believe that all religions should have equal treatment; that is until your religion infringes on others rights and liberties. In this case, wearing merch from any religion should be permitted. With this though is an interesting case to determine what is protect free speech and what is protected by religious practices. If a kid came in with a shirt that says “Hail Satin” and an image that could be considered potentially offensive to Christians (use your imagination), would this be considered protected? If this would be considered protected, why would imagery and symbols representing torture (the crucifixion of Christ) be acceptable and others not?

    It’s a super interesting case if you think about the potential ramifications of it. I take no personal stance on any of this, I just find it fascinating and potentially extremely complex.

  2. die hard christian here. I don’t like the outcome. They lobbied to remove the rule and it was removed. That is simply not enough.

    Whoever executed this rule should pay for violating the civil rights of the students. barred from leadership, removed from position, pay fines, go to jail, whatever it is.

    I am sick of the lack of retribution for petty administrators in all sorts of bureaucracy.

    Our courts should not accept ‘ok they’re doing it legally now’ as a redress. We need actual punishment for government officials who violate rights of students.

    I would say, 60 days in jail for whatever officials concocted this, a 180 days in jail for whoever supported this shenanigans, a $10 million dollar donation to the local satanists club by the district, and a monetary disbursment to effected students.