Sanguinius’s speech was also pretty good

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  1. Dorn became one of my favs during the Siege.
    His telling Sigismund to go off was also on my personal high points in the
    ‘So the discipline is ended, the leash is off,’
    Dorn told him. ‘March out. Take the wall defences, take the reserves and rally
    them. They will be blind and deaf out there soon, and so will need a
    Sigismund nodded again. No other soul would
    have noticed it, but there was something other than the usual dutifulness in
    his eyes just then. Something like hunger. ‘Any specific objectives, lord?’ he
    At that, Dorn almost laughed. Not from humour,
    just from emptiness, the caustic recognition of what would come next. He had
    given everything. He was already empty, drained to a husk, and the hardest test
    still lay ahead. The Lion had not come. Guilliman and Russ had not come. They
    were out of time, out of luck, and what remained now was only defiance –
    only bloody-minded, bloody-handed defiance.
    ‘No, I set you free, my beloved, my best, son,’
    said Rogal Dorn, never taking his eyes off his First Captain. ‘Do now what you
    were made to do.’ He smiled a second time, the expression as icy as the despair
    that gripped his hearts. 

  2. Anyone remember Morglum Necksnapper?

    “If it ain’t green, belt it till it stops moving. Then belt it again, just to be sure.”

  3. At the end of The Lost and The Damned Raldoron gives a speech to a nightlord he defeated, and man, that was the most based thing i’ve ever read

  4. “They are coming. Kill them all.” *Doom music starts playing*

    *First and only* time i am making a big deal out of an upvote count but 250 wow

  5. Meanwhile Sangy says, “I don’t want to be here and neither do you. So don’t be, whatever.”

    And it has a (reported) 100% success rate.

  6. *Me, a DOOM veteran looking upon the entire Horus armada*

    “Hmmm packing light huh? Shoulda brought more, you’re still outnumbered”

  7. One thing I always hate about these 40k books, is these extremely long and philosophising quotes. And they always sound like they’re said by the same person. Maybe the Emperor should have put less time into developing their giant nerd speech gene, and more time into their touching grass gene.

  8. The left is basically the entirety of the Iliad. “and so Atroclaeus, son of Deiomides, thrust His spear at Telemaus, son of Reclutian, who was born of his father Deredon and the river Styrges, and rules over the lands around the river until death clouded his eyes. As the lion lies in wait, and deftly pounces upon the unsuspecting deer, thus did the spear pounce and hit Telemaus square in the neck, where armor does not cover. The spear went through the flesh and came wholly out the back, and he fell headlong to the earth and death clouded his vision”

  9. Remarkably on brand.

    “They’re coming, and they’ll be alive when they get here. Make them not be alive shortly thereafter.”