Russians threaten to blow up mined Zaporizhzhia Nuclear…

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  1. In the event of deliberate Russian damage to the power plants, and releasing of radiation, if this radiation reaches a NATO member and causes harm to the population, would this be considered an attack on a NATO member?

    Just asking so I’d know if to buy canned food.

  2. Don’t forget this power plant is located near the Dnipro river – so the Black sea will be also contaminated with radiation. Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia and….russia lol.

    Also, the wind direction is also southwest. Kherson->Crimea->Black sea->Bulgaria->Romania->Turkey (Directly to Istanbul).


  3. The russians are bluffing! If they blow up the reactors, russian territory will get the worse from the radiation! The worst the could do is make the plant unusable for some time by destroying some infrastructure for transporting energy.

  4. Is there any confirmation of this from a non-Ukrainian source? I can only find other sources quoting the Ukrainian source.

  5. Kremlin makes a bit too much effort to be the baddies.

    Yesterday block wheat exports

    Today threaten to blow up nuclear plant

    The weakness is palpable.

  6. > Energoatom claims that the head of the radiation, chemical and biological protection troops of the Russian armed forces, Major General Valerii Vasyliev, who now commands the garrison at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, told his soldiers that “there will be either Russian land or a scorched desert here”.
    > **Quote from Vasyliev:** “As you know, we have mined all the important facilities of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant. And we’re not hiding it from the enemy. We warned them. The enemy knows that the station will be either Russian or no-one’s. We are prepared for the consequences of this step. And you, the liberating soldiers, must understand that we have no other choice. And if the toughest order comes – we must fulfil it with honour!”
    > **Details:** According to Energoatom, Ukrainian intelligence has information about the mining of the ZNPP reactors by Russian troops.
    > **Background:** On the evening of 6 August, Russian invaders fired rockets at Energodar and hit the ZNPP site directly next to the station’s dry spent nuclear fuel storage facility.

  7. What else can you expect from a country lead by a person who became President by staging terrorist attacks?

  8. *Major General Valerii Vasyliev, who now commands the garrison at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, told his soldiers that “there will be either Russian land or a scorched desert here”.*

  9. All we have is a Telegram post showing a screenshot of a news of a “russian media” (which one ? Where’s the link ? The archive ?) claiming a general said that.

    Given the enormity of such a claim, I’ll need more proof.

  10. ”We’re not committing war crimes. Anyway, we’ll blow up a nuclear power plant because fuck you.”

  11. Intervention???? Sanctions? State sponsor of terrorism???? Hello? Anyone???? We live fucking here in Europe.

  12. Think about how trash of a person you have to be to make threats to humanity like this. Like, seriously Russia is fucking cancer to the world.

  13. Nothing but extortion,they want Ukraine to confirm that Russia has won and therefore areas under russian occupation are now theirs.

  14. Someone should remind the Russians that they are the only idiots still operating a whole bunch of RBMK reactors with no containment. They should be fairly familiar with what happens when one explodes, unless they’ve ministry of truthed themselves.

    Stones and glass houses and all that…

  15. I’d say they’re bluffing but they are also used to radiating themselves and pretending like nothing happened.

  16. Amnesty accuses Ukraine of building a Nuclear Power Plant in the path of Russian troops and artillery