Russians Complain that the US Specialists Will Learn All the…

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Russians Complain that the US Specialists Will Learn All the Secrets of Their Latest T-90M Proryv

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  1. Heres a Thought – STOP STARTING WARS WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS! Then they will not end up with your shit ! 🤔

  2. And they complain about irresponsible tank crew, which abandoned the T-90M Proryv on the battlefield

    Russian military experts complain about the negligence and irresponsibility of the russian servicemen, who left a number of valuable trophies for the Armed Forces of Ukraine during their escape from Kharkiv Oblast.

    One such example is the SAP-518 Regata jamming pod from the Su-30SM fighter jet, which was found in Kharkiv Oblast and which can tell our defenders how to more effectively destroy russian aircraft in future.

    However, russians are even more worried about another development of russian defense-industrial complex, which is the T-90M Proryv tank. It was abandoned in Kharkiv Oblast by the russian elite Taman Division.

    First of all, they complain about the fact that the tank crew abandoned it, without even trying (or risking?) to somehow damage it, at least “throw a few grenades inside”.

    The crew, who abandoned the intact tank, are almost called traitors due to the fact that now their enemies will be able to literally take apart the latest russian development.

    Russians Complain that American Specialists Will Learn All the Secrets of Their Latest T-90M Proryv , Defense Express, war in Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war

    Destroyed russia’s T-90M Proryv / Illustrative photo from open sources

    In russia they are afraid that the T-90M will first of all go to the Aberdeen test center in the USA, where American experts will reveal all the secrets of russian development.

    They are talking, in particular, about the Nakidka complex: a special material for camouflage, which is supposed to hide the tank in thermal and radar ranges. Or about defense complexes and on-board electronics.


    heh russ complain….cope

  3. This happens in every war.

    This is also why NATO has been somewhat loath to hand over leading generation weapon systems.

  4. (Commander to the tank driver)
    Well, I hope you did render the tank unusable.
    Sure. i’m not stupid after all. I removed the ignition key and took it with me, of course.

  5. US Specialist looking at it for 20 minutes
    ‘Jeff, what do u think?’
    ‘It’s shit’
    ‘Yep. Let’s go for lunch’

  6. Quite a few T90 variants have already been destroyed, but always nice to have a whole one donated as a gesture of goodwill.

  7. All the secrets like the night vision sights made by thales etc?

    If it’s not made in the west the rest of the equipment inside would probably be made in china.

    Their whole military industrial complex seems to have atrophied years ago.

  8. Ah yes, the infamous cutting-edge big brained russian engineering, NATO will learn so much new things. Not to be cheering on the US or anything, but i’m pretty sure the Pentagon already knows every single thing there is to know about any given piece of russian military equipment.

  9. All Russian military hardware looks like sh*t. I am not sure what secrets can be learned, other than it is amazing any of it works.

    When your Air Force get’s it GPS’s from Amazon and your military hardware has bootleg chips (probably seconds) from recycling centers, your military is sh*t.

    Russia once a proud, smart people, reduced to a kleptocracy.

    Russia just needs to end as a state.

  10. “Military experts” in Russia, anyone with a blog.

    Pop the hood on the T-90M and you’ll find the usual T-80 underneath

  11. Sadly i doubt there are any secrets worth learning, since the machines proved to be quite inadequate compared to even older western counterparts.

  12. Russians can’t even make antilock breaks (see the hilarous Lada released in June). I’m sorry, but there’s nothing cutting edge about the T90M or anything else that Russians make. If there’s anything cutting edge in it, it’s microchips imported from the US and Europe — microchips that are no longer available to the halfwit gas salesmen in Moscow.

  13. When you lie to your people, send then to fight a war they done believe in and then have complete morons leading them and leaving them as easy target then you will have your people do this kind of thing.

  14. This tank crew called in surrender on coms and were told to exit the tank without damaging anything by the Ukrainian army. That’s what they did. They will probably get gulaged for it in Russia.

  15. There’s nothing valuable to learn.
    The T-90M is a upgrade of existing T-90A tanks, which we already know everything about.

  16. Imagine the US experts’ disappointment when they realise that after you remove the western components from the vetronics suite it’s just a T-72 in cami-knickers.

  17. Unless they have a Klingon cloaking device hidden inside what secrete is there to learn? It’s a russian tank it pops like any other if it encounters a Javelin and the cloaking device well BAE already has one.

  18. Ahhhh that is just the cutest. Trust me sweetie, that is literally the last thing I’d be worried about.

    You have bows and arrows vs NATO. Your literally fighting 35 year old technology right now. You haven’t even seen the new stuff.

  19. Yea, but why would the west go backwards in technology? Why would I use a mangle when I have a washing machine and why would I wipe my ass when I have a garden hose? These Russians have no clue of the civilised world 😜

  20. Yes the US will look at it. They will come to the conclusion that it is still a T-72 variant with a different auto loader setup so that it doesn’t quite as readily play toss the turret like its round top brethren. It can and will die all the same-modern tank combat comes down to who can land their round on the enemy first. Ruskie tanks are slow with their auto loaders-shooting once every five seconds. Am Abrams with a proficient loader is pumping a much more accurate round down range once every 3-3.5 seconds, or even faster, and is backed up by the Gunner and commander who have superior optics and fire control systems to anything the Russians could even remotely hope to have.

  21. After seeing the pictures of this tank i don‘t think they are going to learn anything. Maybe how shity it is but i assume they know that already

  22. And Russia has lots of American and western military objects to study!
    Wars reveal the secret of military hardware and this is one reason why nato technology is removed from vehicles that are given to Ukrainian army.

  23. And there not even talking about all the advanced technology they have stolen from all the Ukrainian washing machines that are now in their possession.

  24. The only “secrets” to truly be learned are which western manufacturers sold defense technologies to the Russians.

  25. Whaa, whaa, whaaa…

    And what do they think is going to happen when 300, 000 kids show up who don’t want to be there. Do you think they’re going to care about your equipment or do you think they’re going to leave it and run?