Russian banks lost around $25 billion from Ukraine conflict…

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Russian banks lost around $25 billion from Ukraine conflict – central bank official

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  1. The war thus far has cost an estimated $113 Billion(thus far) and an estimated $200 B more if mobilization happens + this $25 B = $338 B.
    Russia has 145 million people, I.e. every single russian citizen could have been give $2500 with no war or loss of life. Now factor in the per capita in Russian is $5200 (annually) ,that’s an additional 6 months salary as a bonus.

    Just decided to put in numbers how wasteful this war really is.

    Edit : Plus the total infrastructure Losses to ukraine. Plus all the military spending by every NATO country towards military aid.

  2. These banks have been supporting Russia and Putin’s warcrimes since day 1 in February, they deserve to crash and lose as much profit and money as they can. Their hands are stained with the blood of countless innocent Ukrainian civilians.

  3. I liked all the comments so far, most of them have the right idea. I personally think $25 billion is way off too.

  4. It’s significantly more than that – and they are basically de globalizing. They will lose significantly more in the future.

  5. Russia says they’ve lost ONLY 6000 troops while Ukraine says 55,000.

    With this math 25 billion becomes … I need a calculator

  6. Don’t think that anyone really cares, as long as there’s enough money to pay for putins personal army aka rossguard and all the money to share with others top dogs so they don’t turn on the dictator.

    No one is really concerned about the wellbeing of an average joe down there, propaganda keeps doing its thing and is being funded quite well, millions of citizens and future generations can suffer in the name of motherland and tsar

  7. Won’t stop Putin. The only way now is the people around him to decide to kill him, unless he is their puppet in which case Russia is fucked altogether, cuz if he’s the puppet the puppetmasters like what they’re seeing

  8. $25 billion and +$5 now that WNBA agreed they dont wanna play in Russia anymore (because Britrney Griner got arrested)

  9. an interesting question: Would we have wars, at the scales we do today, without central banks and money printing machines?

  10. You can lose millions and be fine. But, *billions*? Someone of record is gonna be *pissed*.

    How long till it bites back? I got out a window on the deadpool. Think I might lose at this point…

  11. Those close to Putin definitely can’t be happy with him. It’s 1 thing to embarrass an entire nation, but another to mess up the money so badly.

  12. I’m blown away there hasn’t been a public hit put out on Putin yet. He is getting away with destroying his country!

  13. But wait there’s more!!!!!
    Brain drain and long-term pariah status should be really good for business over there!

  14. Putin has spent decades assembling a budget surplus for war, to keep the economy running despite foreign sanctions. According to their economists, FT, Bloomberg, and The Economist that’s all already gone. 7 months in and many more to come. They’re broke and their stock market crashed.