Russia outraged at French arms deliveries to Ukraine, Macron…

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Russia outraged at French arms deliveries to Ukraine, Macron brushes off criticism

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  1. France farts in Russia’s general direction and thinks Putin’s mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries.

  2. Only way to answer Russian outrage is for the French to give even more – some tanks would be a nice gesture. Even though France doesn’t have many it would open the door for US and Germany to follow with many more

  3. The world is “outraged” at Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine and other Russian occupied countries. Russia doesn’t get to tell France or anyone else what they should/shouldn’t do since no one cares what the pariah state of Russia thinks. Putin’s regime will fail.

  4. Translation here:

    The Milan and Caesar (anti-tank) delivered by France, among others, since the beginning of the war, irritate Russia. Russian diplomacy has indeed signified, on Tuesday, to France the “unacceptable” character in its eyes of Western arms deliveries to Ukraine, supplies which have facilitated a Ukrainian counter-offensive.
    “Emphasis was placed on the unacceptable nature of the continued force-feeding of Ukraine with Western weapons, including French ones,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, after a deputy minister, Alexander Grouchko, received the French ambassador, Pierre Lévy.
    He accused Ukrainian forces of using these Western weapons to “bomb civilian facilities and infrastructure, including the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant,” the largest in Europe, occupied by Russian forces.
    “We are helping Ukraine to defend its people”, defends Macron
    From New York (United States), where he was going to speak at the UN, Emmanuel Macron assured that he had not received these Russian condemnations. “We help a country within a framework, we help it defend its people and its territory. We have each time ensured that there is no equipment that puts itself in a position to threaten Russian territory. Things are done in transparency, nothing new in this regard, ”he recalled.

    Grushko also insisted on “the need to lift illegal sanctions against Russian producers of grain and fertilizers and to remove all obstacles to the supply of markets in developing countries in order to avoid serious humanitarian consequences”.


    A bit funny how France got singled out honestly, because the country is so little interested in what the french army is doing we aren’t even talking about weapons there.

  5. I’m always amazed at the restraint politicians show around the world.

    I would’ve said “fuck you Putin” and humiliated the short man publicly a thousand times by now. While calling for his head.

    I’d be a bad politician.

  6. Just keep reminding Russian propagandists that Putin’s government has been fueling wars around the world by giving arms to terrorists dating all the way back to when they were the USSR to the past 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have no reason to complain as Europe and the US are just returning the favor. Putin gave weapons to simpletons where as Europe/US are giving weapons to professionals.

  7. They didn’t take his phone call. If you don’t want to engage in diplomacy you don’t get to make diplomatic protests.

  8. International relations have to be reciprocal to some extent.

    You can’t just ignore all attempts at communication by a supposed friend for months and then assume he’d give a shit when you try to dictate their foreign policy.

  9. Someone should tell Putin there is not military aid being sent just like how there were no Russian soldiers in Ukraine during the fake separatist war.

  10. “Oh did we upset you, Russia!? OH sOOOOOooo Sorry. Allow us to help elevate the situations”

    *Sends more weapons*

  11. EU countries should do something like we’ll donate an extra piece of equipment to Ukraine every time Lavrov or Putin makes a statement about the war.

    We’ll donate a fighter jet every time he talks about nuclear weapons.

    See how fast they’ll stop.

  12. It’s not military equipment. It’s explosive “baguettes” with “baguette launchers” and bakeries on wheels. I know it cause i’m french!

  13. So besides logistics and maintenance, one argument I’ve heard being thrown around is that both the US and Germany (sadly) are hesitant to start shipping tanks is that they don’t want to risk giving away potentially decades in technology advancements if or when tanks fall into the hands of Russians.

    Given the state of currently used Russian Soviet era equipment I find that easy to believe.

    I am not an expert on this, but is there any reasonable argument around this point? Or is the main braking point atm still the need to build up maintenance and train personnel?

  14. The best thing for Macron to do is to double down on Ukraine assistance. His biggest domestic political threat is Le Pen; she’s clearly a Russian asset. Russia’s defeat coudl liekly take down Putin, and that alone would change the course of French domestic politics.