Russia Hints It Could Shoot Down SpaceX Starlink Satellites

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Russia Hints It Could Shoot Down SpaceX Starlink Satellites

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692 shares, 851 points


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  1. Yeah but your missiles cost about 30 million and the sats are basically expendable. They lose a dozen every time the sun burps.

  2. Imagine if they started arming starlink and Elon Musk personally went to war and destroyed Russias Ground to Air/Space infrastructure. Crashes 1% of STarlink fleet into Russian ASATS destroying every one within hours. Follows this up with an MMA challenge vs Putin winner is now Tzar Russian Federation. Russias name changed to Teslandia.

  3. Sovereignty extends 60 miles into the atmosphere. SpaceX orbits at 340 miles. So that would be a violation of international law. It possibly may be an act of war but since it’s a private corporation that would be a stretch.

  4. Pretty sure Russia should be trying to shoot something else down. Actually. Scratch that. They should totally spend all their time and resources trying to shoot down unmanned SpaceX satellites. Brilliant.

  5. Internet independent from government control would definitely threaten dictatorships and autocracies the most at this point.

  6. So, once again, Putin says that if he doesn’t get to genocide whomever he wants, he will get mad and break something. He is already responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and countless other damage, but this time he really doesn’t want to have to do more.

    He sounds like the standard abuser. “don’t make me hurt you more.”

    Here’s an idea, get the hell out of Ukraine and stop causing death and destruction for your own narcissistic goals.

  7. do it. Its a win win

    if they hit one, well fuck elon

    If they miss, well what do you expect from shit house weapons

  8. They certainly could – and i’d get a kick out of seeing them try. They’d bankrupt themselves on ASATs before starlink even suffered service degradation.

  9. I feel like that would be a declaration of war against America, no? I know taking out the satellites are unlikely to lead to any lives lost but when a country attacks infrastructure owned by a company from another country, especially a defense contractor for that country, its generally not considered a diplomatically neutral act lol

  10. I see questions about why this threat from Russia is a threat to the US government:

    Starlink satellites are being presented as a consumer internet tool but that is a cover. The goal of the satellites is to give the US a stronger launch point for War 2.0 as they call it.


    Tesla is first and foremost a military contractor just like Microsoft. Even the EV cars and the associated push for them is about building out capabilities for next gen war machines.


  11. They won’t do shit, messing with the richest person in the world AND a US company all in one go? bad idea, even Putin isn’t dumb enough to do that

  12. Sounds like an economically sound proposition for a nation that is already running low on precision weapons and electronics to make them.