Russia has stopped concealing the fact that it is forming a…

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+5217 – Russia has stopped concealing the fact that it is forming a 15 500-person-strong 3rd Army Corps to be deployed in Ukraine, staffed with male servicemen aged 18 to 50 without prior military experience.

2022-08-06 06:36:32

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  1. The Bottom of the Barrel Brigade..

    Inmates, debtors, and anyone else too slow (mentally or physically) to avoid the press gang.

    We’ll know they’ve arrived at the frontlines when intercepted calls from Russians have them asking their loved ones to send them TB or HIV medication (both of the diseases are rampant in Russian prisons).

  2. It’s how Russia works. Victory through immeasurable loss of Russian life. It’s their oldest and truest strategies in their play book. It has mixed reviews.

  3. >15 500-person-strong 3rd Army Corps

    >without prior military experience.

    Lambs to the slaughter. Their best chance of survival is to surrender as soon as they get deployed but having in mind how things are going for Ruzzia they might soon re-establish Order 227

  4. Not only has this war made EU stronger, it is making russia weaker every single day. Are they trying to get rid all of their male population in some places?

    EU needs to get shit together and speed up weapons/gear/armor support to Ukraine, so we can end this shitshow. russia needs few big losses to fuck their morale totally up.

    Слава Україні!

  5. Its army corpses all right. And they know it. Sucks to go to war without proper gear and training but those execution squads which drive them like cattle. Might be fatal.

  6. This is far less threatening than it sounds. First, a week ago, they had barely one-third of said 15,500 men, and this was after basically pointing a gun at every ‘volunteer’ they could find and/or promising them fantastic sums of money the Russian government doesn’t intend to pay.

    Second, what will those untrained cannon-fodder be equipped with? The frontline units have more and more the BMP-1 as their chief transport, and the T-62 for tank of choice.

    This so-called 3rd Army Corps is not going to last one month before being disintegrated, and supplying it logistically is going to be a hell of an adventure…

  7. Ukraine will run out of tally marks with that many, knocked out cold orcs. We need to send more tally marks and grid squares.

  8. Sounds like they’re trying to take advantage of Ukraine’s treatment of POWs against them and are trying to overwhelm Ukraine with “innocent POWs”. Not unlike they were trying to overwhelm Europe with refugees.

    Fuck russia.

  9. I’m sure this will last them a lifetime of about a few weeks or maybe months. Great way to show how desperate/irresponsible they are.

  10. I do not think this corps is meant to operate as an offensive organization. More likely it will be used to hold the line and pull higher quality units back to allow for R&R. It then allows them to create a pool of offensive combat power for future operations. However given the likely state of some BTGs I do not foresee them being ready quick enough to effectively counter any Ukrainian offensives in the Corps deployment areas.

  11. I am sure that future drafties cant wait to die for Putin and his imperialistic war, at least they get to experience what it takes to be a Russian soldier, all you need to is torture, bomb civilians, pillage and rape. It is getting increasingly harder to feel any sympathy for avrage Russian, where they would rather die for their fucked up goverment doing vile and evil shit, instead of actually dieing for their freedom and their motherland. Only Noble war is against your tyranical goverment that is willing to risk future of the entire world so it can redraw a fucking map.

  12. “At least Middle school (Russian) education”

    “Used to Provide engineering, medical and logistical support”

    Pick one

  13. I wonder if they still do the honored Tsarist tradition of holding a funeral before a conscripted leaves the village knowing they aren’t coming back?

  14. Poor boys! The greatest enemy of Russia and the russian people is Putain and his Oligarchs. After that war Russia will become a third world country with many problems but no power or influence.

  15. With half as many mosins to go between them.

    Sent to fight in Ukraine on foot, in winter.

    History may not repeat… but fuck, it rhymes.

  16. This is what happens when you underestimate a perceived “weak” opponent who in fact turned out to be very well trained, is well equipped and is increasingly being feed more modern weapons and is very stubborn and firm in the face of needles aggression

  17. No prior experience – and no training.

    They are literally just outfitting civilians with crappy equipment and sending them against one of the most ferocious defense forces of our time.

  18. What usually happens to untrained soldiers going up against highly experienced soldiers with high-tech equipment? 🌻🌻🌻

  19. It’s like all of the youth in Russia has already escaped to the west or has been killed or injured in Ukraine. What a complete and utter waste of human potential

  20. More cannon fodder? Isn`t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome?