1. Given I’ve never heard of “Hero Dope” I get the feeling this rumor has little merit, and is likely just trying to drive clicks.

  2. As much as I dislike the Zack Snyder portrayal of DC’s superheros It would be nice to see Henry Cavill get another shot at Superman.

  3. Maybe give it to a director who understands what makes Superman great even a little bit?

  4. That would require Warner/Discovery to make a halfway decent business decision.

    And I will believe that when I see it.

  5. Hopefully he’s a happier Superman

  6. This isn’t being reported by any legitimate trade.

  7. What is this, the 8th time? I’ve started feeling like it’s an early Groundhog Day

  8. I see Hero Dope needed to make up some ad revenue from September.

  9. Don’t do that….don’t give me hope

  10. I want to believe but I suspect it’s too good to be true.

  11. Im in the camp that feels like Cavill was never the problem, WB just can’t get their shit together. That said I sorta felt like Snyder’s Justice League left things in a positive place and Id be happy to see another cavill Superman movie as long as they can do something interesting with the character. Id love to see a collab with Grant Morrison.

  12. I’d love to see a sequel. I like MoS and love Henry Cavil.

  13. Block this user. Spreading spam.

  14. Man of Steel deserves a sequel

  15. *arroused angry joe noises*

  16. Thought Cavill said he was done with Superman after the way WB treated him?

  17. I mean cool if true. About a decade late tho

  18. It will be written, shot, edited and almost ready for release then it will be canceled. Can’t wait.

  19. That’s a shame

  20. But the first one he was in was so boring – I hope they can add something to make it entertaining and improve the lighting which DC movies seem to lack

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    Icy-Explanation-5708 October 7, 2022 at 5:49 am

    They’ll have to kill him again.

  22. Nooooooooooo. They’ve ruined Superman already several times

  23. DC should just quit man. Black Adam looks awful in the trailers

  24. No thanks! Snyder like M. Night are two people that I am convinced have never heard a real conversation. Dialogue…ridiculous and corny.

  25. I’ve never seen a Superman movie I’ve liked. Probably because I don’t like the character, having every super power kinda diminishes the coolness of the character for me. But still, of all the Superman movies that have been made I’ve never watched one I thought was amazing. Maybe it’s the bias but I’ve found other comic book flics to be pretty good without liking the character or I’m not really into like black panther, the first Wonder Woman movie and I’ve disliked movies based on characters I love like venom 2, x men 3, and then there’s movies I thought were great with characters I enjoy like the GOTG movies.

  26. Please no. They’ve wasted him enough

  27. Wait, this says something about The Flash dropping on November 4th? When did it get bumped back up from June 2023?

  28. I hope they give him a moustache just to fuck with everyone! 🙂

  29. YES!

  30. Stupid Sexy Henry Cavill

  31. Now that he’s probably aging out of Bond consideration, makes sense (even tho he would make a great James Bond)

  32. hes supposedly in black adam end credits. so i guess he is staying.

  33. That’s a helluva scoop from someone no one has every heard of.

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