1. Damn, every single time Taylor says no to a gig Rihanna shows up. And I love Rihanna.

  2. Got to remind people that she was a singer once a while.

  3. I hope Shy Ronnie makes an appearance. https://youtu.be/nX4vzKH4les

  4. Damn was hoping for CBAT

  5. That’s a great choice. She has a massive amount of hits and is well-known enough even olds like me know who she is

  6. Once again, Metallica snubbed!

  7. Damn, maybe next year is Weird Al’s year.

  8. Lame. Let Sunn 0))) play you cowards

  9. Wait? What? I thought she said she was retiring from performing?

  10. Rihanna is great.

    I wish she would bring Janet Jackson with her.

  11. Rihanna’s musical discography really cannot be messed with

  12. I look forward to hearing from football fans how they will never watch the Superbowl because of how woke it is for the twentieth year in a row.

  13. Honestly at some point we need a Drumline style halftime show

  14. Damn, yet another year that they don’t have a barbershop quartet as the halftime act. Welp, maybe next year.

  15. I thought she retired from music.

  16. Chris Brown punching ~~the air~~ his girlfriend rn

  17. Rihanna low key the GOAT

  18. Sad it wasn’t T-Swift, but the NFL shot their shot.

  19. If I was a billionaire I wouldn’t be doing shit for free.

  20. I’d rather see high level drum and bugle corps marching bands.

  21. I’m just glad it isn’t Lizzo.

  22. I won’t be watching it

  23. should be metallica

  24. Heaven forbid they actually get good rock or metal acts to play for a change.

  25. Unless things have changed, artists pay to perform at halftime. The only reason I can think for her to perform is that maybe she has a new album on the way.

  26. For a moment i through that title said “trapped”

  27. I’ll be honest it kinda confuses me. Nothing against Rihana, but she isn’t really active with music anymore. She hasn’t released an album since 2016 and hasn’t preformed since roughly 2017? She’s been far more focused on running her fashion brand (which she has done an absolute amazing job at doing so)

    Idk just felt like this could have been another artist who actually is still doing music. Although if she ends up announcing a new album before/during the show, I’d be happy to eat my words

  28. It’s gonna be hard to top last year’s performance no matter who it was.

  29. I thought Lizzo would of been wheeled out as a performer.

  30. Why her!? Im kidding, I don’t care as i wont watch that big ad anyways.

  31. The only way this will be good is if she gets bad brains as her backing band

  32. Same people every year. I feel like this has to be her 4th time playing the halftime show.

  33. They tape it this far in advance?

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