Retired US General Mark Hertling Twitter thread: Putin’s…

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Retired US General Mark Hertling Twitter thread: Putin’s announced mobilization of 300,000 “reservists” was jaw-dropping to me this morning, but not for the reason some might suspect.

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  1. Any veteran of the US military knows that our military is what it is because of training and money. We train more, we have more money to spend on live fire exercises and qualification, and we have been doing it for decades. It takes about a year to become proficient and effective with your squad/platoon/battalion/brigade/division. The only reason it can work is because there is a constant flow of experienced personnel moving up the ladder and training those underneath. Russia apparently does not understand that their military will not be effective as a rule without proper training and leadership. Their soldiers will die in large quantities and they will have very few effective and seasoned leadership to begin the long term tasks of training new soldiers. Russia can’t win this war, so they’re going to make a major mess of the world in the meantime.

  2. Nice read …..

    but ey those 300,000 get at the max 7 days of training nothing more, just like the prisoners from russia

  3. Good one is usa has sattelites to track russian army. The moment they going to see a train with few thousand soldiers arrive in Ukraine they advice to bomb it.

  4. Look back on his twitter account been following him since the 2nd week of the war beginning and he has predicted alot of things correctly

  5. They’re sending a murder that’s into cannibalism. He’s as big of a danger to his own troops as well as Ukrainians.

  6. Kind of a weird headline. “but not for the reason some might suspect” well, probably not what everyone expects but still kind of what most people expect.

  7. Its because its an almost laughable unrealistic number, either they get slaughtered going into ukraine untrained, or it will take many many months to train and and arm that amount of people