1. Gosar’s just a racist asshole. Gohmert does have serious cognitive issues. But also he’s a racist asshole.

  2. Ok, then what’s wrong with the rest of them?

  3. Gosar’s own siblings are so freaked out by him, that they’ve publicly disowned him.

  4. > Republicans Louie Gohmert … ‘may have had serious cognitive issues,’

    Hmmmm …
    [Lunar New Deal: GOP Rep. Gohmert suggests altering moon’s orbit to combat climate change](https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/lunar-new-deal-gop-rep-gohmert-suggests-altering-moon-s-n1270219)

  5. Just reminding everyone: [Congress’ pharmacist has said that a lot of people in Congress are highly dysfunctional and actively suffering from serious diseases like Alzheimers.](https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/10/11/16458142/congress-alzheimers-pharmacist) They “might not even remember what happened yesterday.”


    We need to start holding lawmakers *and their staff* personally responsible for the damage they cause. It should be a crime to cover up serious mental issues–given we no longer have a right to bodily autonomy and *medical privacy.* Staffers should be mandatory reporters in this case.


    It isn’t about any one politician; it is about the country. Nobody is entitled to hide serious mental diseases for their own personal gain while they lord over our lives.

  6. Louie Gohmert is considered the stupidest man in Congress. With the current crop of Republicans Representatives that is saying something

  7. I met Louie Gohmert as a high schooler in Texas. Granted it was many years ago, but he still sounded like a spaced out moron even then. I dont want to be mean, but he sounded like the most stereotypical backwoods idiot you can imagine. Like George W. Bush (who was president at the time) on his worst day x10.

    I honestly thought he was faking it at the time. Going for that folksy George Bush appearance. But I learned later he wasnt.

    Texas folks know how to pick em.

  8. The KKK calls them “good leaders”.

  9. May have? Zero doubt they do. They aren’t the only ones either.

  10. They are all twacked tf out. If it’s not straight meth then it’s adderall or some obscure amphetamine/derivative.

    Go watch Roger stones deposition and tell me he didn’t just hot rail .3

    They are all also suffering from long term cognitive decline as a result of these amphetamines mixed with aging.

  11. As opposed to Trump, Giuliani, Brooks, Stone, Meadows, McCarthy, McConnell, Cruz, Greene, Boebert, Gaetz, Jordan, Walker, Lake…?

  12. “Of course they’re mentally unwell. They believe things that have no basis in reality and respond to any criticism of those beliefs with, at best, extreme defensiveness, and at worst, violence.”

    Awesome. Now you understand how atheists like me have felt about pretty much everyone since we were 12 years old.

  13. Let me guess, for some reason they don’t seem to recall anything from that day and probs the two or three weeks in the runup to it…?

  14. Paul Gosar gave a January 6th rioter who was released from jail an American flag. for being a “political prisoner”. These people are sick.

  15. This is hysterical, it reminds me of something my mother told me a while back. When men enter late middle age they start to act out and say stupid shit because of a combination of feeling useless and cognitive decline. Everything I have seen from the fossils in our government has proven her right.

  16. I’ve never really cared enough to study him, but Gosar has always looked like he’s in physical pain whenever he speaks. Maybe it’s cognitive, maybe it’s just bullshit, but something something is decidedly wrong. Beyond the fact that he’s human garbage, I mean.

  17. I can say this because I’m already old: WHEN ARE WE GOING TO ELECT REPRESENTATIVES/SENATORS WHO ARE UNDER 70???

  18. “had” implies they no longer do, and that’s just not true!

  19. Louie Gohmert’s teeth are rotting out of his head in real time.

  20. “MAY have had”???

  21. Don’t cast aspersions on his asparagus!!!1!!11!!one!!1!

  22. Gohmert was a appellate court judge. Don’t be fooled by the kayfabe, he’s been pulling the rube act for years. People like him are shameless.

  23. So now they start finding ways not to hold the Seditious Conspirators accountable.

  24. They’re still racist as fuck

  25. > “Scott Perry, Jody Hice, Randy Weber and the caucus chairman, Andy Biggs, all said things that stunned me,” Riggleman wrote of the rude awakening he got from MAGA lawmakers during his single term in Congress.

    > Republican Reps. Perry and Biggs have both been subpoenaed by the select committee investigating the deadly siege at the US Capitol.

    > Gohmert, who earlier this year bemoaned not being able to lie to the FBI or congressional investigators, will be leaving Capitol Hill at the end of the year after a failed bid to replace embattled Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

    Man, can you imagine having to pick between Ken Paxton or Louis Gohmert? Like choosing getting kicked in the balls over rolling down a hill covered in broken glass

  26. No shit. They’re both obvious morons who appealed to the political zealots of their party to get elected.

  27. Nah, don’t excuse their terrible behavior with “they got old and we didn’t notice them slippin”

  28. Person, woman, man, idiot, trump

  29. Cocaine brain doesnt count, c’mon.

  30. Ohhh so they are using that cop out

  31. This is a ludicrous article trying to connect racist authoritarian disinformationists who tried to turn over an election with their cognitive decline due to age. It insults people who may actually struggle with things because of cognitive decline vs. stupid people who embrace hateful ideology in the service of power

  32. Any look at their records would show they aren’t in cognitive decline. They have always been like this.

  33. It’s hard to have good cognition when your head is up your own ass while simultaneously up Trump’s.

  34. Louie Gohmert IS a cognitive issue.

  35. Sudden Republican Amnesia Syndrome

  36. What tipped them off?

  37. How convenient.

  38. Please stop giving horrible people an out. These two know exactly what they are doing and have no problem w being hate filled traitors.

  39. We need to let everyone know how serious their issues are

  40. Trump may be sane, but just a dangerous, vicious, incompetent bully


  41. It’s called being a fascist

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