Republicans Filibuster Bill Requiring Disclosure Of Dark…

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Republicans Filibuster Bill Requiring Disclosure Of Dark Money

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692 shares, 851 points


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  1. Of course they are opposed to it. They are fueled by dark money. I want to see how much Moscow mitch has received. Lindsay Graham. Rand Paul. So many have hidden money ties. I even want to see the dems.

  2. These motherfuckers never do a single goddamned thing that is “good for the nation” yet people still keep electing them

  3. If it weren’t for dark money there wouldn’t even be Republicans anymore. Absolutely nobody should be surprised by this.

  4. And there you have it! Republiclones are criminals! Don’t shake those hands! No telling where those fingers have been. 🤨

  5. Foreign donations are big time illegal and transparency would doom the Republican Party and conservatives on that front.

  6. So they’re standing at the podium for 20 hours and talking non-stop? Or they just send an email and no one bother showing up to vote?

  7. r/Democracy_Desk, Spitballing a little but think that “F” word, ending in “Buster”, need to be annihilated from the United States Democracy as it is nothing more than a hindrance to a More Perfect Union. It’s like the Electoral College. Smoke and Mirrors, attempting to hide GARBAGE😏