Report card from my great-grandfather in 1926

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+5161 – Report card from my great-grandfather in 1926

2022-08-06 14:50:43

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  1. I like the “capable of doing better” only for the two first months. The teacher just gave up their hopes then.

  2. “Capable of doing much better” lmao. After October, Teach was all like “yup, he’s not getting any better than this”

  3. 100 year old ADD

    The November is a combination of funny and sad

    What did your great-grandfather end up doing career wise?

  4. But you know what? Not once was he marked as being rude or discourteous.

    So he was a good polite boy despite struggling in school. 💕

  5. I love how there is like ten negative behaviors and one or two positive ones.

    Definitely tell you what the teachers were looking for.

  6. How many people “Whisper[] too much” for it to audit a spot on a standardized report card??? Like Im pretty sure I whisper maybe 3 times per year

  7. All through third grade, I had check marks in the “listens attentively” section. That meant I didn’t listen. My teacher was always saying I “wasn’t listening.” I would try, but I literally couldn’t. I finally got diagnosed my senior year. Since I was quiet, well behaved, and a girl, it was assumed I couldn’t have AD/HD. Not true!