relevant as ever

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  1. Hey, instead of trying to label a dead man’s political beliefs to avoid actually understanding another human….why not just accept that this phrase was referring to the terrifying destructive possibilities of Nuclear warfare and stfu.

  2. Albert Einstein literally wrote an essay called “Why Socialism?” But go off you single brain celled libertarian kings

  3. All correct, except for that last little couple of words….

    Einstein was for GOOD governance, not NO governance.

    He most certainly was not a Libertarian.

  4. This isn’t mildly interesting… if you where showing me this in the lead up to ww4 and we are armed with sticks and rocks… then maybe…

  5. Meh, I prefer, “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”
    -Denis Diderot

  6. If you can’t grasp this concept then you’re probably too ignorant to be commenting. So go jump on a note you fancy as a comeback rather than entertain the idea.