Reddit Avatar Raise Eyebrows as They Rocket to $5K

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Reddit Avatar Raise Eyebrows as They Rocket to $5K

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602 shares, 842 points


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  1. lol this sub did nothing but shit on NFTs for the last year but give them a free NFT with the chance to flip it and the whole mood changes.

  2. Someday in the distant future, the kiddos will gather ’round to see gramps scroll through his 1st edition Reddit NFT’s. DM’s will be full of requests to buy Minted Monarch #845.

  3. I guess the right thing to do for the last 6 months was stack moons and grab Reddit NFTs when launched. Hindsight is a bitch.

  4. Honestly why people are willing on r/CC to throw money at shitcoins, but not $10 on an NFT reddit avatar, is beyond me.

    It might be the next bored apes. Who knows. For the cost I think its worth a roll of the dice.

  5. Picked up a Dr Nickelmittens for 0.09 eth a couple of weeks ago since I wasn’t doing anything with my eth anyway. Last sale listing on opensea is more than triple, which makes it my best crypto investment by a long shot being in crypto market for a year lol. Crazy times.

  6. It’s sorta funny to see the general sentiment around NFTs start to change around here now that there’s a tiny chance some of the people in here can sell theirs for a decent price.

  7. It’s funny to see that the NFT’s are basically like Lego bricks, and you can just build your own avatar.

    Buy a NFT because of the whole design or just because a part that you like, like the cone for example

  8. I *think* I own one but I’m not really sure.

    Edit: It’s called aww friends. Anyone else aww it, friends? If not, you can aww it for 6.15 BTC

  9. The power of free airdrops

    From “NFT ARE SHIT!!111” for 3 years in a row to “WoooWWW NFFTT!!11” in a matter of weeks

  10. If you telling me I can sell mine for $5k I’d sell it for $3k to someone so I don’t have to do any work and they can sell it for $5k and make a profit. I’m lazy af

  11. Why do I never trust NFT sales.. Probably because its usually the owner selling to themselves to drum up the floor price.

  12. I love how this “news” is 4 posts above the post that they reference…hard-hitting journalism right there.
    But seriously, how do I FOMO into these NFTs?