Real Madrid are tired and annoyed by players and their…

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Real Madrid are tired and annoyed by players and their entourages linking themselves to the club to increase their value. They are also annoyed by Mbappe as well as Haaland’s father constantly talking about the club post the summer window.
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  1. Good strategy. I’d rather have 11 Valverdes than one Mbapaypal

  2. Yawn. They talk about us because they ain’t us. It’s like when you dump your ex and you say you’re over her but you keep mentioning her in conversation with your friends.

  3. On the one hand that is some bullshit.

    But on the other that’s hilarious and you can’t get mad at the system where absolutely nobody is held accountable.

  4. Players like fede vini rodrygo are absolutely the players we need! They play with heart and soul for real madrid

  5. If the club were really annoyed, they could deal with this with a single sentence published on their website:

    “Real Madrid has had no contact with **player X** or his entourage”

    Or go one step further :

    “Real Madrid has showed no interest in **player X** nor contacted his entourage”

  6. I don’t care about others, we won our champions league, others can fuck off

  7. “Keep Real Madrid out your fucking mouth.”

  8. The Real Madrid train only comes once in a life time, take it or leave it.

    Real Madrid y nada mas.

  9. This is probably due to the asensio-barcelona thing.

    A player who knows he’s not even good enough for them admitting live that he won’t mind Barcelona is purely because he wants the club to panic

  10. They arent mad at all, or at least they shouldnt. That would be like Ryan Gosling being mad about Ana de Armas talking the possibility of dating him.

    Mbappe and Halaand brands benefit from being linked Real, but it works in both directions. Real Madrid also benefits from 2 of the 3 next big thing players (Vini completes the triumvirate) constantly speaking about the possibility of joining us.

  11. This is where I would take the fm approach and say : “I have never heard of this player, clearly we haven’t talked to him or plan on buying him”

  12. Who the fuck cares? We’re the best club in the world. They’re just salty bitches that are jealous of what our club stands for

  13. [deleted]

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