1. Neat.
    Deployable cameras, maestro, jager, goyo, kapkan?

  2. I wouldn’t mind this as a togglable feature. Would be helpful for newer players

  3. I’d waste too much time making my frost mats perfectly parallel to the window

  4. thats actually a good idea. theres realistically no reason to not add this

  5. This is a feature in the mobile version… >.>

  6. I wonder how that would work and how accurate could this be as the action of placing the gadget sometimes causes the character to move. This can cause him to for example fall of a hatch and cancel the placement. This of course is an extreme example.

  7. Great idea, sad part its ubi we’re talking about :/

  8. Valk pickrates would probably go up if this concept becomes reality

  9. I love this

  10. So I wouldn’t have to place my frost mats 5 times to appease my ocd? I’m in!

  11. Agree

  12. Make it happen ubi!

  13. This would be a really good change ngl and it theoretically shouldn’t be that hard to implement since the game has to decide what spot for a gadget is valid anyway so all it would have to do is show like a green image when it’s a valid spot.

  14. this feature is actually on the mobile version of the game.

  15. Omfg please

  16. I’ve never really thought of this, but holy shit would that be helpful. Cuz sometimes when you place something down, ur op kinda reaches to the complete right or left of the screen, and its kinda weird to tell where you’re placing it. So this would be greatly appreciated if Ubi added this.

  17. Honestly just for my girl Mira it would be so nice so I don’t have to slowly edge around reinforcements as much, cause I’d hope it’d turn green when peaceable or just not appear till you can.

    Also for frost mats it’d be so good to see what they’ll look like before placing same with Kapkan.

  18. I really need this for mute jammers, before placement I need to see coverage

  19. Kapkan. Trying to really get it into the very bottom pixel is sometimes so weird and random, a live display would help (not for newbies though, they’ll happily screw it on head height regardless)

  20. yeah, why not honestly. Realism is out the window anyway

  21. As a frost main

    Yes please

  22. Even an out line would help

  23. Also mute but he’s kaid

  24. It would help with Mira for the open area strat on bank!

  25. You got my vote

  26. Honestly, this is a neat idea. Not really much of a downside to having it and if it’s only on handplaced gadgets like OP has been saying, it probably works out very well. Nice job, OP!

  27. It would have a positive effect my brain auto does that for me granted I’ve placed a lot like a lot

  28. deployable cover needs this

  29. Do you know? same feature is present in R6 Mobile.

  30. Ever since Azami became a playable character, I’ve been yearning for this. I try to play those shields on what I think is corner to maximize cover but ends up being set on top. So instead it’s placed horizontally, completely useless and a wasted utility. On top of that, I’ve unintentionally destroyed Kapkans EDS because I under project the size and placement of the shield.

  31. If they can’t give alibis holograms matching or random skins then I don’t see this working.

  32. I could be wrong, but I swear this used to be a feature at one point and it was removed. Idk man I’ve played this from the beta and there’s a lot that I’ve forgotten to the recess of my mind

  33. They should copy TF2 engineer’s wireframe previews. Surely 2022 Ubisoft could emulate a technique from 2007 Valve without too many issues.

  34. Only if its toggleable

  35. especially for valk

  36. The tiniest actions can have the biggest impacts

  37. Please this!

  38. The only reason this wasn’t part of the game originally was because they were going for realism, now that’s no longer part of the game it is the perfect time to do it

  39. This is the kind of game where tiny amount of pixels offset changes the entire aspect of gameplay

  40. The “realism” excuse doesn’t hold water now anyways with how it’s gone. Go for it Ubi!

  41. I don t find it that usefull, if you know how a gadget works, usually you know how to place it as well, and also you place gadgets right in front of you, so what s the point of a preview, if you allready know where it will be placesd, and if you want the perfect spot just move a little to the side or closer to the wall where you are not allowed to place the gadget, than move a little until you are allowed to. It’s just that easy.

  42. I mean it’s not a bd idea, but it would only be useful to a very small percentage of players… I just don’t think Ubi would do this for them.

    Nice feature non the less, some stuff like this could be added as toggleable features

  43. This is a fucking amazing idea! Adding throwing arcs to non-lethal throwables like Alibi’s prismas for example, too?

  44. Even just a line prjected where itll be would be good cant believe this isnt a thing yet

  45. So it would show where your gadget will be placed depending on your positioning? I like it. Some reinforced walls have no wiggle room for Mira mirrors. It would help.

  46. That defeats the purpose of realism.

  47. Tbh, really wonder why it was not implemented yet, like, damn Phasmophobia has it

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