Questlove to Executive Produce Documentary on Legendary…

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Questlove to Executive Produce Documentary on Legendary Detroit Hip-Hop Producer J Dilla

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  1. I feel like most people, even those from Detroit, don’t realize how influential he was. He definitely deserves a good documentary

  2. I remember Questlove was on the Vox video detailing the contributions of J Dilla. You could tell Dilla had a significant influence on him.

  3. Excited for this especially with Dan Charnas involved. Just recently started Dilla Time and it’s a great read. Great backstory on the history of Detroit as well

  4. I’m younger so I only caught the tail end, but I really felt his music. I just read Dilla Time and it was a great deep dive on dilla

  5. He’s gonna do an excellent job. But. I’d love to see a Q-Tip produced documentary on Dilla. The man who put him on when he asked him to be a part of The Ummah.

  6. He died to young, I’m glad to see he’s getting some recognition, he was truly so influential and was just great. I’m excited for those big time can’t wait.

  7. Questlove’s documentary *Summer of Soul* was absolutely amazing. I recommend that everyone see if if you possibly can.

  8. “Dilla collaborated with some of hip-hop’s most lauded acts before his death at the age of 32 from a rare blood disease: including Questlove, Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Erykah Badu, and **Kendrick Lamar**, to name a few, as well as major producers such as Ye, Dr. Dre and Pharrell.”

    – When did J Dilla and Kendrick ever cross paths before his death in 2006?