Putin Pleads With Weapons Makers to ‘Urgently’ Ramp Up…

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Putin Pleads With Weapons Makers to ‘Urgently’ Ramp Up Production

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  1. Complete idiocy. Russia lost a ton of equipment so far, it takes many months, if not years, to replace what was lost. What he expect those 300k to use? 80 year old mosins?

  2. Well then idiot, construct more pylons, harvest more vespene gas, warp more troops. putin living in fantasy land its getting scarier and scarier. There should be a humankind mandate that every world leader should be strictly monitored for drug abuse.

  3. They barely could arm the newly formed 3rd Army Corps (15k people), and now they are allegedly conscripting 300k more. Yeah, this is not a bluff…

  4. Sorry Vlad, but your Oligarch mates were just milking the system, not really ramping up weapons production.

    You of all should have known, you established the Mafia structure. So hard when your own mistakes get you, isn’t it?

  5. The one with the rifle shoots!

    The one without, follows him!

    When the one with the rifle dies, the one without, picks up the rifle, and shoots!

  6. That’s an interesting proposition. Manufacturing more shitty weapons equates to more failure for the Russian military. Urgently pleading for more military failure sounds like the song of a desperate psychopath.

  7. Putin pleads? I highly doubt Putler will ever plead for anything with his people. I expect him to act like a project manager setting deadlines for his slaves to complete the project by an unrealistic date lmao. Remember the 15th Sep deadline???

  8. They’ll overcharge by 30%, the relevant officers will offload 30% for dirty money, the supply officers will pawn another 30% off, and 30% of whatever remains will be stripped for parts by soldiers that want more than 30$ a month.

  9. I’m surprised to find out a leading global superpower (up there with China and USA) doesn’t even have a reliable military or any weapons outside of nukes. What the hell was he thinking? That’s like starting a buffet with no plates or silverware.

  10. The first thing that goes away during a production ramp up is quality. Now Putin is asking the average manufacturing, low paid, facing longer hours with little chance of overtime, potentially not a fan of this conflict person to double time. What you’re brewing here Putin is what we call shit soup. Enjoy!

  11. it seems like even with German factories being bombed during ww2, they were better at production than Russia today. yes i understand that sanctions impact this, but alternative suppliers would fill some of the void.
    im guessing real reason is lack of modern weapons investment

  12. I’m calling it now. In 30 days or less, we find out which window is Putins’. Defenestration don’t care who you are.

  13. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.newsweek.com/putin-pleads-weapons-makers-urgently-ramp-production-1744608) reduced by 85%. (I’m a bot)
    > Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling for a swift uptick in weapons and ammunition production as the war against Ukraine intensifies at their border.

    > Vladimir Putin now in a meeting with bosses of the military-industrial complex, urges them to boost production of weapons and ammo, "Urgently" supply the armed forces and ensure "100% import substitution in this sector" pic.

    > Putin said Tuesday that Russian weapons were showing great effectiveness in Ukraine, Reuters reported.

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  14. Aw. Putin, remember how he said the sanctions from the West didn’t bite? He’s going to learn just how dependent his country has been to the global supply chain.

    With luck, he just might learn how bad a mistake it was to also have sided with China on their attempts to annex Taiwan when the chips stop flowing to him.

  15. Honest question, what with? Just pumping out dumb munitions? I think they can do that indefinitely. Cannon barreling is definitely a need.

    Given sanctions, are letters of mark going to expand to prevent chip deliveries? There was a mention over yachts a while ago.

  16. I am sure weapons makers around the world are more than happy to supply him and the other side. So that is an easy plea to satisfy

  17. Problem is that they never developed their industrial base.

    They can’t even make repair parts for the factories. Seriously, they are running out of bearings for fuck’s sake.

  18. I am waiting to see if the Retired Military Experts, whose on line comments I saw, are right. They said wait for the beginning of October. Putin, they say, has only till then to gain control. They expressed doubt that he can. If, and when, he does not, the withdrawal,of the Russians will turn into a rout. I have just over a week to see how accurate this prediction is.