Putin Hails ‘One Big, United’ Russia as Anti-War Protests…

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Putin Hails ‘One Big, United’ Russia as Anti-War Protests Hit 38 Cities

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  1. It should be noted that his political party is called “United Russia”. This is almost comical at this point. He sounds like a Metal Gear antagonist.

  2. Can’t help but feel that crushing peaceful protests is a great way to create an underground partisan movement. Watch more shit going up in flames as people keep smoking around flammable areas.

  3. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.newsweek.com/russia-ukraine-putin-protests-mobilization-1745189) reduced by 79%. (I’m a bot)
    > Vladimir Putin described his vision of Russia as a country in which solidarity and consensus reigned on a day when more than 1,000 people were arrested for opposing his partial mobilization to help his faltering war effort in Ukraine.

    > On the same day, at least 1386 people were arrested in 38 cities across Russia during demonstrations against Putin's invasion and partial mobilization, according to rights group OVD-Info.

    > Far removed from the protests, Putin described the glory of Russia's war effort in Ukraine, which he said was necessary to tackle threats to Russian sovereignty.

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  4. At this point I’m honestly wondering if he’s even aware of what’s going on or if he’s constantly fed lies to appease him.

  5. They are anti-mobilisation protests, esp. at this scale. I won’t be surprised if there are many fuckers who proudly drew “Z” on their T-shirts that are now balking at the thought of having to go themselves.

  6. I think we’ve established at this point that Putin seems to live and issue all his press from Bizarro World.

  7. What a way to tempt Destiny.

    I wonder how long can the decrept old man keep up with denial before being brutally crushed by reality?

  8. The Russian people must unite against this dictator and his servants. This must be a tipping point where they stand up and declare that he does not speak for them and they will not tolerate him murdering them for his political gains.

  9. Every day the noose is slightly tightening around him.

    Everything coming out of Russia now reeks of fear and desperation.

  10. A country held together by coercion and lies can never be united. This isn’t going to end well for Russia.

  11. Sadly, from what i’ve seen so far, all the anti-war protests look pretty small, considering Russia’s popoulation. It is a start, but i’m not too optimistic about it tbh 🙁

  12. Anonymous should publicize a list with all the names and and addresses of all the arresting officers at these events.

    They are the henchmen of a murderous dictator, no better than the Gestapo.

  13. That’s the end of him.
    No longer wanted on the global stage.
    No longer wanted by the Russians.
    And now even no longer wanted by supporters who now have to give their life’s for his BS.

    It’s pretty interesting though that he really seems to believe that he can survive this.

    Russia has survived Stalin. Against this guy Putin is not more than a fly; forgotten the moment he is no more.