Putin Forces All Energy Workers To Register For Military…

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Putin Forces All Energy Workers To Register For Military Draft

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  1. >The oil, gas, and mining sector, according to Deputy Minister Pavel Sorokin—who signed the letter—is the perfect source for military-suitable men.

    >For Russia’s oil and gas industry, the move that would see a large number of workers repurposed to serve in the military has the potential to decimate its capabilities through a sudden depletion of its workforce.

    In some weird poetic irony, McCain was proven right on this, Ruzzia really is just a gas station masquerading as a country, run by a mob.

  2. Ukraine has not much time to start construction of massive POW camps to house all those Russians who will be surrendering at their first opportunity.

  3. If that is true, it’s a clear sign that they know that there will be massive layoffs in the sector. Let’s remember that selling energy is the only thing they have going on in Russia beyond committing crimes against humanity.

  4. “Exceptions will be made for company heads, their deputies, and heads of production units.”

    That’s not very communist…

  5. Wow. It makes sense, as those people are the most skilled labor Russia has and can already run heavy machinery. But, they’re also quite privileged and I think they would have hard time adapting to be commanded by old drunkard officers.

  6. It’s dare I say, genius? Take all of the workers from the only semi-functioning industry in your country and send them to their deaths!

  7. How does this work? I understand that it’s just a draft, but who’s going to work in this field in the winter?

  8. Yeah, go on. Draft anyone still there and educated enough to work in an energy company, and then send them to die. Brilliant idea, we should not intervene.

  9. I am everyday wondering why Putin still has a heartbeat? I mean at what point do Russians stand up to this man?

  10. Drafts are last resort everything has gone to shit. Pretty sure Russia can just . . . you know, stop. They can stop the war.

  11. Daily musings of a crazy mad man, we need all our energy workers to register for the draft! It’s time for someone in Russia to remove Crazy Vlad from office and put him where he belongs: either in a mental hospital or prison or perhaps both!

  12. Well, since they are selling less and less oil and gas, it only makes sense.
    Should also send all the manufacturing workers, those who work at the plants making military gear. Because why not.

    This is even a more « stable genius » than Trump, thank fuck, hopefully, Russia will be decimated shortly.

  13. I’m not sure how to interpret this:

    >The companies must, according to the letter, give all men employed in the oil, gas, and mining sectors a day off to register at drafting offices.

    Registering that they work in oil, gas or mining does _not_ mean that they’ll be drafted. I could mean the opposite – we want a list of guys *not* to draft.

    If the draft records are managed like everything else in Russia, they’re likely out of date. Also, a lot of men avoiding conscription may try to claim that they’re working in a critical industry to avoid service. Russia could be making a list of guys who are excluded then rounding up everyone else.

    They probably need a day because the draft offices are getting slammed.