Promises made, promises kept.

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  1. Not exactly the most gracefull of kills, by any measure, but hey, I did it.

    [Setup was depressingly expensive, for anyone else who wants to try]( I used cinderbanes in early attempts, but swapped to crypt bloom because I was dying too often and wanted to use the full set effect. Other than that, I never really changed my setup. EoF’s are Guthix Staff and Armadyl Battlestaff.

    I ended up using ~2/3rds of the food, so swapping back to a ripper demon is still a long way off.

    I have virtually no prior experience with Solak, and have trouble understanding guides, so I basically just rushed in over and over until I won.

    I don’t like the thrashing vines attack in phase one. It takes too long and doesn’t have enough going on. I would rather they have more health but less of them.

    Phase 2 was by far the hardest, but apparently it’s glitched so hey. I definitely don’t like the hurricane, it killed me more than any other mechanic.

    I only died to phase 3 and 4 once each, both times the first time I reached them and made obvious mistakes.

  2. Sick dude!

    I had the same experience (mostly). Had about 10 solak kc where i basically just dps’d hard while listening to my friends on voice coms while they handled mechanics.

    As soon as soloak came out, I tried it and managed a solo – all while actively learning mechanics (i too also had pricey gear, using bolg + ecb/dbow/sgb eofs and bik arrows)

    Grats on the kill and good luck hunting!

  3. Congrats!!! one small advice, you dont need to bring lotd to the fight, wear it when u go claiming from merethiel.

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  5. Did you all learn it by yourself? Big grats man
    I Wanne solak too I have FSOa with full crypt but I never tried it, guides are so complex…

  6. Ah, yess. Bossing. That’s a thing that does exist. Unfortunately, I’m too lazy to learn how to do full manual, so I’ll continue to do Slayer with Revolution on so I don’t have to think about a thing, except health and prayer management.