Projections are out…. we’re in trouble

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  1. At least they don’t think anybody is going to lose their jobs! LOL 4.4 max unemployment projected between now and 2025, ALL GOOD!

  2. You think I can understand a bunch of giggly gook numbers in a grid? Someone tell me how to feel and where to put my money.

  3. How many of you guys are starting to question if something is going to truly break before we ever get to 4.5%? I certainly am

    The likelihood of this turning into one of those two-year bear markets that draws down like 40% is starting to increase a lot.

    I just don’t get what he’s trying to accomplish with all this. If you bring inflation down the rough way. What good is it really going to do when you have low inflation because people don’t have the money to buy anything

  4. Bold of Powell to assume inflation and core inflation be in the 2% range in the next 9 months considering how food is going up and we’re going into the first winter with the war in Ukraine happening

  5. These projections are a joke. They think inflation is going to drop down to 5.4% by year end with real negative rates and then 2.8 by next year. How high are they?

  6. How is projecting a return to 2% inflation while maintaining unemployment below 5% trouble?? This would be like the best case scenario