Prime Minister Kishida announces relaxation of borders after…

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Prime Minister Kishida announces relaxation of borders after October

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  1. Probably mid to late October. Delta Airlines won’t have more routes till November. Still a bunch of limited destinations.

  2. For all of the people saying foreign tourists were immaterial to the depreciating yen, take it from the PM of the country himself:

    >We would like to attract more foreign tourists against the backdrop of the depreciation of the yen.

  3. So glad I got my Tourist visa. Still no concrete dates. Wasting months of peoples time. Just wish they would clarify like normal people.

  4. This is still super non-committal. But maybe now someone will send the fax to propose the sending of another fax to organise a meeting to begin considering the possibility of starting to eventually seriously consider reopening one day to independent tourists.

  5. On October 24th the Omicron booster starts becoming available, so that could have something to do with it. Right now it’s only available to people who had two boosters, not three, the elderly, and those in the medical field.

  6. I have tickets for me and my partner to land in Tokyo on Nov 2nd. Without solid dates set for this change, I still don’t know if I should get an ERFS just to be safe, or just not get one due to this announcement. **edit: the uncertainty is just like… ugh… just announce dates or even just target dates.

  7. Jumping the gun posting this now. Kishida is scheduled to to a speech at the NYSE later today where his is very likely to officially announce the reopening.

  8. Japan clearly doesn’t want foreigners here, but when the growth of their already stagnant economy depends on it they can pretend they do.

  9. The last time they said 9月以降 for the elimination of pre travel COVID tests to re enter japan it ended up being 9/7 on out. So to assume October 1st is risky IMO

  10. So still nothing more than the articles were speculating. Japan will open up some time in the future, just not before November. He doesnt actually mention visa free or removal of cap. Just a “relaxation of the borders after October”

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  12. Goodbye cheap hotels, empty streets, and reasonably filled trains in central Tokyo at midday during the week. You will be missed, but it had to happen eventually.

  13. I land on the 28th of October. If it doesn’t open until the 30th, can i live in airport like a layover?

    Hopefully i get some opening dates soon.