1. Nows the chance, pressurize it and pump sewage into russia

  2. the nordstream has blown a leak southeast of the danish island Bornholm

  3. It’s clogged with escaping Russians.

  4. Guys on NCD said that Russia is going to have 100,000 troops crawl through the pipeline and invade Germany

  5. “Unknown” ..

  6. “Authorities in Germany are trying to enstablish **what caused a sudden drop in pressure in the defunct Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline**. The pipeline has been one of the flashpoints in the escalating war between Europe and Moscow since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

    **Nord Stream 2 operators said pressure in the undersea pipeline dropped from 105 bars to 7 bars overnight**. The Russian owned pipeline had just been completed and filled with 300 million cubic metres of gas before the invasion of Ukraine. **Russia has made calls to allow the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to operate and has been blaming the West and Europe for the gas crisis.”**

    Well, put 2+2 together and what do you get?

  7. Pressure dropped due to vacuum because Russia SUCKS. 😉

  8. My tinfoil: Russia tried to raise the pressure forcing the German side to open it and release the pressure, thereby creating the facts of the pipeline “being open” and celebrating this as a propaganda victory. However, the Russian side blew out first.


    Russians tinkering with pressure has its precedence


  9. Maybe related to the gas leak? Ships are adviced to not travel in the area


  10. Alexa, play *Pressure Drop* by Toots and the Maytals.

  11. “For Reasons Unknown”

  12. They should check down every window. Maybe someone knows more.

  13. Oh, I think I know the cause.

  14. Vladmir Unknown, The Soviet!

  15. Have they tried turning it off and on again?

  16. Incompetence. I’m not really basing that on any one thing in particular.

  17. All diverted to China as an apology gift after a 6 month bender.

  18. Probably to get the oil out of the pipeline so it doesn’t crack in the permafrost.

  19. Anchor goes brrrr?

  20. Great . Hopefully it was blown up .

  21. I think we all know the cause.

  22. Sounds like the Danes have stuck a straw in it to steal free gas. Cheeky Danes

  23. Someone turned it off?

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