President Biden posts a video urging Americans to ‘fight…

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President Biden posts a video urging Americans to ‘fight back against extreme MAGA Republicans’

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  1. Remember, the reset ( no middle class, no mobility , federal policing) cannot happen until we are fully at each others throat to the point of violence ( justify fed policing, with more on leftists side. Biden is doing his job, and republicans are doing what they typically do…nothing. Then you have the Romney crowd which is another level of flim flam.

  2. Dude this fucking guy (the fucking PRESIDENT mind you) is LITERALLY inciting violence against his political opponents. How in the world did we get here? Why isn’t anything being done about this? The USA has fallen.

  3. Meanwhile, 41 year old man commits vehicular homicide against an 18 year old because the teenager had conservative views. Sure enough, alleged killer say he thought the teenager belonged to a right wing extremist group and they might “come get him”.

  4. Every time he speaks I become more united with my MAGA friends. I hope he continues to be the great uniter, it’s working!

  5. Oh yea, the enemy of the people…. Us. How dare others have different ideology, and thoughts not inline with the leftist tyranny

  6. This is legitimately scary. We’re progressing so quickly towards the normalization of violence against any dissenters

  7. What really ticks me off is that the Democratic Party has been (surreptitiously) PROMOTING ‘extremist’ Republicans in the recent primary elections. They believe that most Americans will recoil away from them in the upcoming general elections and be forced to vote Democrat. Biden’s speech was amazingly hypocritical! The very people he is railing against are being put on the ballot by a very cynical Democratic strategy. If it backfires, the Democrats will have no one to blame but themselves.

  8. So… not only senile, but tone deaf too just days after a Biden supporter runs down a young Republican because Biden “said he was an extremist”.

  9. Those extreme MAGA people make the rest of conservatives looks bad. But then again this rhetoric doesn’t seem to be helping. Reminds me of “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”