Pope Francis Says it is ‘Madness’ to Think of Using Nuclear…

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Pope Francis Says it is ‘Madness’ to Think of Using Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

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  1. If you’re trying to”reclaim a territory” as they claim, why would you want to make it radioactive? That makes the least sense possible and would be like shooting yourself in the foot

  2. I’m just imagining that scene from 300.

    The Pope: “ This is madness!”

    Putin: “Madness?… THIS IS RUSSIA!”

    *kicks pope ~~down hole~~ out window*

  3. Madness has been the best predictor of what will happen in my lifetime. Invade iraq. Try to invade and nation build afghanistan (trying the same thing and getting the same result going back to the british in 1840s in modern history). Fracking. Reactions to covid. Electing trump. Pretty sure nukes will happen in ukraine on the basis of this model

  4. *A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.*

    — *WarGames* (1983), said by a computer that had no emotions. Too bad feelings can take over logic in humans which will be at our peril.

  5. Listen, all i am saying is that if we blow this party i am optimistic about our chances. Last i checked, Russia nuking Ukraine or anyone else would cause the retaliation of… checks notes… literally everyone who matters.
    Meaning Russia has to split all of her nukes up for the entire World, while NATO and the rest of the Gang can go all in on Russia.

    Will Millions die ?


    But we have dealt with Russia´s shit for to long. If they go for it, 0 Tolerance policy pls. Delete Russia over Ukraine.

  6. He is playing the `popular` card, while inside he is padding putler on a shoulder.

    It is sickening to see slimy weasels pretending to be leaders.

  7. Okay pope. Now can you stop your madness and stop protecting pedophile priests. And start paying reparations to the First Nations for all the children the church killed. Maybe release the historical records, for all the church genocides, too.

    Unless of course, your words are just performative theatrics utilizing faux-populist rhetoric by the head of a debauched theocracy.

  8. Fuck the pope. He leads a pedophile cult. Who cares about anything he has to say? Dressing like a wizard in 2022… seriously…