Poor Skete

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2022-08-06 06:29:23

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  1. Pete needs to learn to wait at least two years before getting any tattoos.

    (Thanks for the gold, nice person!)

  2. Can’t be worse than all his other shitty tats. I still can’t believe Kanye thought calling the guy plowing his ex Skeet was a burn on Davidson and not a huge self own.

  3. Ppl are making a big fuss over tattoos when you have so many tattoos and loose count the little ones are really an after thought

  4. my moms name is the only name tatted on me, and bro & sis may also very well get on here someday.

    but a romantic love? very, extremely unlikely.

    i am not no chrisean rock, finna turn myself into a fucking etch a sketch for my mans. nyoope nyope siree.

  5. Imagine being such a stan that you call the person dating a rapper you likes ex-wife a derogatory name.

    You gotta do better

  6. It’s fine…he’ll just get it covered like the other ones he got/gets covered.

    Boy’s got BPD, we’re prone to impulsive (seemingly) grand gestures that don’t actually cost us much emotionally a bit later.

    He’ll be fine 🤷🏾‍♀️

    For the person asking about DBT who can’t be seen in a CC thread:

    **YES!!** DBT, Zoloft, BPD workbooks for crazy moments, and an emergency plan I’ve carried since a suicide scare and hospitalization in Nov. 2019.

    Edit 2: a MAJOR part of that plan is having Hulu on my phone/devices so I can watch/listen to Bob’s Burgers. Don’t know why it’s that show in particular, my brain just likes it, and it soothes my BPD hysterics when shit hits the fan. Find something that “settles your insides,” or “calms your brain” (NOT DRUGS – those are for non-BPD moments, y’all) and use it when you’re spiraling.

    It’s there to help you 🖤

  7. I keep reading this as if Pete is the one who is missing out? Ya’ll really like the way a this woman does absolutely nothing, huh?

  8. I said it before and will say it again. Kayne was upset about Pete, but what Kayne didn’t understand was that he had his turn with Kim and then it was Pete’s. Sorry Pete, it’s someone else’s turn now.

  9. these dumb ass niggas get anything tatted just to look tatted…. “poor skete” i’m tatted up and would never get anything other than family, he’s poor in mind.. dumb ass la boy.