1. You can’t share a government with people who believe the system works only when they win.

  2. How many of that 61% believe Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii?

  3. Approximately 1/3 of the country is dumb as bricks and just guzzles down whatever rhetoric makes them feel least terrified of the world outside their bubble. Which for these particular idiots, is the notion that their opinions are mainstream and thus they cannot legitimately lose an election.

  4. >Nearly a third of Americans — including six-in-10 Republicans — continue to hold the debunked belief that President Joe Biden didn’t win the 2020 presidential election legitimately, according to a new Monmouth University poll released the day before the House Jan. 6 Committee holds its latest public hearing.

    This is the power of endlessly repeating a lie.

  5. Republican senators know Biden won and playing along with this game has been disastrous. People have died and other people have lost trust in our voting systems despite their being no widespread voter fraud.

  6. Flat Earthers. Nothing more.

  7. In other news: 61% of republicans are fucking idiots.

  8. And this is why the United States is doomed as a democracy

  9. 61% of Republicans would prefer to not admit they were had by a mediocre charlatan.

  10. “61%”

    What the f….

    “of Republicans”

    Oh thank God

  11. Stupid is a Trump Republican

  12. Trump loves the poorly educated, makes sense

  13. And those people are going to continue trying to drag us all down because of their conspiracy theory rotten minds.

    Hit ‘em where it counts on the local level – their money. Stop supporting local businesses with owners that contribute campaign financing to your local Republican Party committees and candidates. You can find this information on your Secretary of State’s website.

    By giving them your business, your patronage is funding their income and the political donations they give. You can choose conscious consumerism and give your patronage to a local business who doesn’t fund this insanity.

  14. Can’t fix stupid.

  15. 61% of Republicans have their head up Trump’s ass

  16. Yup and they never questioned the elections before because their leader didn’t tell them to. Because they don’t think. Ever wonder why stuff like the Federalist Society is so popular with the right but there are few equivalents on the left? It’s because the whole point is to *tell them what to think*. They literally don’t have their own opinions.

  17. That is because he didn’t win fair and square. Republicans already have this game rigged and democrats have to overcome huge obstacles to win. Why are we not monitoring how elections are ran in places like Florida and Kentucky more?

  18. Unreal.

    Zero critical thought, no understanding of what credible evidence is, and cowardly to the core.

    Republicans are killing us. God Damn. I mean… you’d have to have mashed potatoes for brains to believe mass conspiracy like that with zero evidence.

    Just amazing.

  19. For anyone who needs to hear it:

    That’s not half the country.

    It’s actually about 15%.

    Which is it’s own brand of bad, but not nearly as bad as 200-million-odd Americans being lost in the sauce.

  20. Keyword is republicans.

  21. Is that the same 60-odd% of Republicans that wants to declare a theocracy even though they know it’s unconstitutional and just don’t care?

    Yeah, they’ve proven that no one should care what they think.

  22. A huge disinformation machine will do that.

  23. 61% of republicans are flat out morons.

  24. 100% of me thinks they are morons.

  25. I for one can’t get enough of articles about the opinions of deranged rightwingers.

  26. This is the power of harnessing feeble minds that have cult like devotion with billions spent in support of it.

  27. These people are a lost cause.

  28. Of course, the next logical question is: “If Biden didn’t win the Presidency fair and square, HOW was it cheated?”

    Democrats didn’t have Russia or James Comey helping them out, after all…..

  29. Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, Republicans.

  30. How many of these people know it’s not true, but don’t care and just want their side to win? How many others just agree with whatever their side says so they can fit in?

    Welcome to identity politics.

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