Please do not wake up

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+10447 – Please do not wake up

2022-08-06 09:14:23

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  1. Woke up at 3:30am this morning… Tried to stay sleepy… Couldn’t & sat wide awake until 6am – was just about to go to the gym then fell back asleep for 3.5 hours until 09:30

    Now I won’t be able to get to sleep until after midnight tonight


  2. Just last night at 4am, I got really paranoid that I left the door unlocked so I went downstairs to check. And I was trying to stay asleep while getting back to bed, but just when I tried to flop down on it, I missed slightly, ramming my head into the post.

  3. Put a night light in the bathroom that gives off just enough light to see where you are aiming. It lets you find the bathroom without a bright light waking you up…

  4. Drunk yesterday, did not close up my windows properly. 5am today the sun is pissing straight into my eyes.
    There’s no getting back to sleep after that, shit.

  5. It feels kinda nice, that i am not alone in this 😀

    I usually try to not think and keep my eyes closed at pee wake ups and when done just fall back into the bed. If i screw up, i cannot sleep and my whole day is ruined. I more often than not, cannot sleep after waking up, and i going to be a piece of garbage at work.

    Then i sleep so much next day, that the day after i cannot fall asleep because i slept too much prior and it becames a cycle until the weekend. Maybe 3 shift works are not good.

  6. The real test is trying to get something to eat without waking people up that early in the morning…or getting a piece of cake from that plastic cake shield that is very damned noisy.

  7. Looks like me leaning against the wall in the middle of the night while making sure the toilet stops running. Unfortunately, at my age it is 3-4 times a night.

  8. The bottom half of the original painting (or print?) shows how the sleepwalker is tiptoeing along the ledge of a high building, risking a high fall at any moment. This can also apply to me, because I tend to trip on every object in my dark path to the bathroom instead of turning on the lights.

  9. pro tip: don’t think

    seriously, don’t let any thoughts occur. keep your eyes half closed, autopilot through whatever you’re doing, and go back to bed.