“People underestimate how good Lance is” – Aston Martin boss…

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“People underestimate how good Lance is” – Aston Martin boss tips Stroll to surprise alongside Alonso

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  1. I’ve raced one on one against him once, and I won. Shame i never got my shot at f1 🙁

    Ok it was on the f1 game cube game and we were 6 years old, but still. I won.

  2. Stroll has talent. He is a great driver. But great is not exceptional that F1 demands and his seat is still there because dad bought the team.

  3. Lance makes lots of errors and he’s the ultimate pay driver but I think he’s overhated. He’s been performing reasonably well against Seb this year and in the rain he’s got some real talent

  4. I’ve always seen lance as a meh driver, the kind of driver you will always see in the midfield. No ability to do anything special but puts out consistent 5/10 performances. I doubt he will ever be more than what he is.

  5. I just don’t like him. Anytime they interview him he’s seems to have the personality of a wet sponge.

    I think his best chance at ever winning, was when Racing Point literally had a copy of a winning Mercedes and he finished 11th overall and could only podium twice, where as his teammate won a race from last to first and finished 4th overall in the drivers standing.

  6. He’s all right, in fairness to him he has had a couple of flashes of brilliance, and he’s improved a lot from the total liability that he used to be.

  7. The perception won’t change even if Stroll outperforms Alonso by a considerable margin.

    The perception of Ocon didn’t change even though he shows some good outings and actually won a race. It won’t change for Stroll.

    For Ocon it’s the “bland persona”, for Stroll it’s the money of his father. Such sentiments won’t be corrected by achievements unfortunately.

  8. To be fair I thought he was utterly terrible. Then I witnessed the GOAT and I have gained a new perspective. He is not terrible, just bad.

  9. He got destroyed by Perez who’s a good driver but not special at all. And algo got beat by retired Massa. We all know he’s in F1 just because his dad is literally the owner of the team otherwise he wouldn’t be in F1. He’s better than people think he’s not a bad driver but there’s better drivers out there that won’t get a seat bc his dad/money

  10. I think we can all agree that the guy gets more than his fair share of undeserved hate, but at some point we have to be realistic about his ability. The guy has entered nearly 120 races over 6 seasons already, that’s a big number that eclipses many other drivers’ entire careers. We know what we’re going to get with Lance by now, and I’m not seeing further signs of improvement. If anything, I’m seeing signs of regression, his spatial awareness has been suspect lately. So unless Alonso somehow loses his ability to drive next year, I just don’t see a situation where Stroll isn’t obliterated by him. Vettel wasn’t the best of comparisons since he peaked years ago.

  11. No, literally no one underestimates him. We know **exactly** how “good” Lance is by looking at his race results for the last 6 years.