People losing it over “points of personal privilege”

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People losing it over "points of personal privilege" from PublicFreakout

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  1. “Excuse me, i have low blood sugar, and my doctor says I must snack through the meeting, but my seatmate has misophonia, and cant hear snacking sounds. Is there a way we can build another venue with two auditoriums and continue this there?”

  2. I’m confused: is this the meeting of the People’s Front Of Judea or is it the Judean People’s Front?

  3. This seems to me impractical when dealing with large groups of people…Even at 100 people you are having to stop and correct the meeting to address individual concerns, which derails the overall agenda

  4. Point of personal privillege, I’m one of those people uncomfortable in crowds. Can we please have everyone exit the venue? I have Agoraphobia and I would appreciate it if people all go home. Thank you.

  5. This video is the equivalent to seeing the r/antiwork mod on Fox News. It embodies all the stereotypes you thought it would have.

  6. This is why people are insane, not everyone can be accommodated at all times. Guys is a term used for both male and female genders. Wtf?

  7. This is one of the funniest (unironically) things I’ve seen in a while. The guy talking about the gendered language sounds like a south park character. Just a bunch of self-important squids.

  8. Building a modern Tower of Babel where nothing gets done because the shifting definition of words leaves us in a place where nobody speaks the same language anymore.

  9. I went to a lot of left activist stuff like this in college in the 90’s, this stuff is new, post 2000.


    I have no idea. Even we think they are wussies.

    Also, the chair has no idea how to run a large meeting.

  10. This is like Saturday Night Live doing a satire skit of college campuses today, only its real.

    Fuck man, how have we gotten to the point where everything feels like an onion article?

  11. My favorite part of this is always the neckbeard-sounding person who grabs the mic second and says angrily, “PRIVILEGE, POINT OF PERSONAL PRIVILEGE! PLEASE. DO NOT. USE. GENDERED LANGUAGE TO CCCSHHH-TO ADDRESS EVERYONE! *huff*”

  12. Looks like a bunch of grade schoolers trying to look smart and do something by saying nothing and by the end of the time limit blame the others for not doing any work then cry.

  13. This is basically the problem every single Far left party throughout modern history has faced. They’re all so concerned with their individual demands, that they argue and fracture while reactionary conservatism gleefully adopts authoritarianist policies and eventually lead everyone to ruin.

  14. They will take 99% of the reunion’s time to discuss “personal privilege issues” and then wonder why the movement didn’t work in the end.

  15. Bloody hell, it’s sounds like a South Park episode come to life

    I class myself as a socialist but this “point of personal privilege” is a right load of bollocks