Pentagon to speed review the delivery of large armed drones…

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Pentagon to speed review the delivery of large armed drones to Ukraine

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  1. “Speed review” aka “give” to ukraine. Probably have operators sitting in NATO countries and there would be no way to ever know.

  2. I mean you see how effective they are with these hobby drones lol just imagine the success they’ll have with these

  3. Its funny becouse to us, these drones are 30 year Old tech. To russia this is space age Technology.
    I wonder if some of Them Will be operated by nato forces 😉

  4. This can proven more effective than trying to provide Ukraine with F-16. Easier to train, no need for big runways, more concealable from Russian missiles. And probably also cheaper.

  5. If the US was worried about it falling into Russian hands, couldn’t they arm it with an internal charge to explode remotely if it crashed or got intercepted? The armed forces do this to many pieces of sensitive equipment

  6. Honestly this probably won’t go through and really it shouldn’t. The MQ1 has a fairly advanced synthetic aperture radar that would be easily recovered from the drone if shot down behind enemy lines. The main reason the US transferred HIMARS to Ukraine was because the chance of them being captured or destroyed and taken by the Russians to reverse engineer or transfer to the Chinese was incredibly low. A slow flying drone like the MQ1 is a different story as it’s intended to fly behind enemy lines where the chances of downing and recovery are high.

  7. The little drones and Bayraktar seem capable of avoiding russian AA. Is it the same with these? I assumed they would be easy targets for s300.

    Maybe still useful I’d not know.