1. Such a great movie, I love ti wests vision

  2. If horror movies got attention during awards season Mia Goth would definitely need an award for her performance in this

  3. Still waiting for a UK release, if there ever even is one :/

  4. I can’t wait for the discourse about this to be “Agh, these old assholes know nothing, Mia Goth should have been one of the Best Actress nominees.”

  5. It didn’t feel honest to me and for that reason it misses “Classic Hollywood Melodrama”. I don’t dislike the movie, but I also don’t understand the love for it. A self aware pastiche? Sure. Paced well? no. So fun it makes up for it? No.

  6. My girlfriend and I saw it this weekend and were overall disappointed with the movie. The story felt sloppy and it took over an hour before any horror actually happened. In my opinion there were too many of the “something scary is about to happen and then at the last second it’s interrupted” scenarios. Granted I know nothing of this director and have never seen the first film which I recently learned was a thing. It felt like this movie was trying to be multiple things at once and achieved none of them. A positive thing I’ll say though is the costume design was good.

  7. Is it actually scary tho? Didn’t find X particularly scary, the Barbarian either!

  8. the colors look soooooo good

  9. pbbblllttthhh

  10. Yeah but “X” was a trash horror film. I’m glad to see the 60s and 70s aesthetic making a comeback but I just didn’t think that movie was good. Mandy I think was way better and that movie still kinda sucked too because Nicolas cage can’t handle subtlety he’s either half awake or mad as fuck

  11. If I haven’t seen X will I like this?

  12. I’ve not seen “X” but I’m intrigued and would like to watch “Pearl”. Do I need to watch “X” first?

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