1. If I say that Paul should change a diaper, or do something productive like do a bunch of meal prep, maybe clean some sheets, or something, am I going to get a Reddit cares message?

    Edit: Got my message, thanks Paul

  2. Having a 2 month old baby myself and being extremely sleep deprived, this has me in ACTUAL TEARS.

  3. Hey, the fundie internet hobo changed **one** diaper and unfolded a stroller!

    Totally dad of the year material right there.

    Paul seriously is a loser with no job (and zero reason as to why he can’t work). He can’t even be bothered to take care of his wife and new baby with his 24/7 free time since he’s too busy either fighting with Reddit or taking selfies of himself. He wants to gatekeep “good Christian behavior” but can’t be bothered to be anything but a shitty human to everyone around him.

  4. On my life, I had about the easiest births possible ages ago but can think of a dozen things Paul could be doing with a newborn and a post partum wife. In no particular order.

    1. Washing dishes.
    2. Prepping meals.
    3. Doing laundry.
    4. Bringing Morgan a painkiller.
    5. Holding Luca.
    6. Reading a baby book (how to care for baby book).
    7. Putting big maxi pads in the freezer.
    8. Getting Morgan something nice to snack on.
    9. Changing a diaper.
    10. Telling Morgan what a goddamn champ she is.
    11. Sweeping a floor.
    12. Writing thank you notes.

  5. He’s going to look back some day and wonder why he wasted so much time reporting snarkers instead of gazing at the face of his precious baby. He doesn’t understand how important these moments are, and it’s downright sad.

  6. Wait?! He can READ?!?!?! /s ….but am I?

    I bet while he’s lurking here he’s either sneaking around while Morgan and Luca (his prop) are napping to watch the Rings of Power knowing deep down he loves all THREE of the interracial couples (it makes him feel naughty) or watching the incest Dragon show aka House of the Dragon (cause it makes him feel naughty and confused due to the, well you know, incest).

  7. LOVING the incorporation of the Sims here. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


  8. wait maybe i fundamentally misunderstand the Reddit cares feature but how is everyone so sure that Paul is the one doing it when it’s more likely a bored fan? stuff like this happens to snark pages literally all the time.

  9. Accurate!!! Take care of your wife and kid Paul. Not like you have anything else going on!

  10. Did he get banned or just stop? I want my message!

  11. I’m super stressed rn bc of some projects I’m doing (thanks art school) so I opened Reddit to take a little break and this was the first thing I saw. Ty for giving me a much needed laugh, OP 🙂

  12. Well, I got one.

    Luca is going to need therapy with the neglect he’s going to go through.

  13. I remember caring for newborns- like who has this much time (let alone energy) during the first week to be scrolling this heavily through Reddit 💀

  14. This is definitely Karissa, tho.

  15. Haha get wrecked Paul. But first get off your phone and help your wife and new baby

  16. This is hilarious!

  17. Sorry son, Papa’s busy reporting sinners!

  18. Paul just might be the most useless Fundie male. And that’s saying a lot

  19. Paul, are you ok? It must be hard being unable to competently care for the people in your life. It’s ok. Youtube is an amazing resource and maybe you can start using it for good instead of evil. Meal prep, baby care, cleaning youtube… It doesn’t hurt to try

  20. I’ll never get tired of seeing this picture.

    I got one from my game a few days ago, in which one of my Sims not only took cady from her infant nephew, but took him out of his crib to do it and then left him on the floor while she ate her sweets.

    I could see Paul doing that as well.

  21. i’m fucking dead 💀

  22. This sims photo is hilarious

  23. This meme always gives me a good laugh and really works for so many of the fundies here. They have a whole fresh baked new human there but they keep paying attention to us, it’s honestly wild.

  24. Damn, earlier on another thread, I said that Paul has a “punchable face” and I didn’t get anything. I guess because it’s true.

    Again, Paul. It’s an expression. I would never punch you and don’t advocate face punching.

  25. ![gif](giphy|hkik4ac9sSqaY)

    Paul be like

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