Patton Oswalt Attacks Trump Supporters Who Don’t Want…

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Patton Oswalt Attacks Trump Supporters Who Don’t Want Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘Backward, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic Dips**ts’

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662 shares, 848 points


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  1. Lol don’t stop there Patton, did you already drain the liberal adjective bank?

    I’ll never get that vax, idgaf. Leftists schoolyard name calling will never make me comply with their demands.

  2. We’re still struggling with understanding how to conduct ourselves properly in the age of the Internet. Not every clueless, profanity-filled, character-lacking comment needs to be vomited out every time we have the chance to say something.

    Oswalt did a wonderful job with his part in Ratatouille, giving his character of Remy real heart and soul. Why does he need to ruin our enjoyment of this art by being a jerk?

  3. Why are liberals so hateful? I can’t imagine how miserable it must be having so much hate in your heart for your fellow citizen

  4. I used to like him back when he did the Parks and Rec appearances, etc. But then it got to be where I’d see him in everything and he just … Was the same character. Really disappointed when he showed up in Sandman.

    I was at Chappelle’s NYE show in Seattle this year and Oswalt did a surprise set for him (since he was performing down the street and the two of them have history). Oswalt got attacked by the woke crowd and threw Chappelle under the bus. What a disloyal toad.

  5. This guy has always been one of the most annoying human beings on the planet. Then he got political and kicked it into another gear. I honestly have no idea why someone would want to watch this guy for free and yet somehow that is how he makes his living.

  6. The non-sequitur from “I don’t want a vaccine” to “I’m a [insert_prog_pejorative_here]” is wider than the known universe. I wish morons, like Oswalt, would learn just a smidgen about logic and fallacies.