‘Path to oblivion’: Ukraine military gains could deepen…

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‘Path to oblivion’: Ukraine military gains could deepen Russia’s economic problems

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722 shares, 854 points


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  1. Could?


    It’s already doing so

    I mean, from September 6 when Ukraine started the offensive

    To now, all of a sudden, flights out of Russia are all sold out

    Aeroflot has been ordered to cancel and barred from selling tickets to all Russian men 18’to 65

    Young Russian men all of a sudden want to break their arms and legs for some reason

    Tickets prices to Istanbul from Moscow have skyrocketed

    The Ukrainian army is already winning the psyops war and getting into heads of Russian men who are not even in the army into fearing them. And not wanting to fight

    Putin just did Ukraine the biggest advertisement for Russian men not to join and run away.

  2. Also the whole let’s make everyone drop what they’re doing and send them to be slaughtered for Putin’s ego thing

  3. Go take a look at their stock market rn. It’s collapsing. It’s probably why Putin is making the moves he’s making.