Paris Hilton had ‘the best coke,’ Bling Ring member alleges…

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Paris Hilton had ‘the best coke,’ Bling Ring member alleges in new doc.

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  1. I mean, it probably helped her keep her shape all these years. The best coke is usually great at suppressing appetite!

  2. As someone who has partied with her at Coachella, she certainly does and even rolls with a personal dealer who carried everything under the sun

  3. I really hate how they produced a documentary to make her out to be some kind of victim. She is the epitome of the entitled, classist harpy and no matter how many bad docudramas are produced, she was never a god damn victim.

    It is all pr bullshit to cover for how absolutely grotesque she was.

  4. I was def likely around Paris’ stash in a CO mountain town years back… we were in a local pizza joint late night and she happened to be in there with her bodyguards/“crew” and as they were leaving a guy told me we could have one of their full untouched pizzas lol. Later, they were in the same smaller club we were in (known to be….heavy on the *party*) getting bottle service.

  5. Well of course she did.

    Now this is Panda, from Mexico. Very good stuff. And that’s Bava — different, but equally good. And that is Choco. From the Hartz Mountains of Germany. Now the first two are the same, three hundred a gram — those are friend prices. But this one… This one’s a little more expensive. It’s five hundred. But when you snort it, you *will know* where that extra money went. Nothing wrong with the first two. It’s real, real, real, good shit. But this one?

    It’s a fuckin’ madman.

    White people who know the difference between good shit and bad shit, this is the house they come to. Now, my shit, I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with that Amsterdam shit, any day of the fuckin’ week.