1. imagine blindfiring and STILL getting shot in the head.

  2. Literally peeled the top of his head off

  3. That was a good call and a very impressive shot.

  4. Wow nice shot. And he waited only till the guy was about to fire. Impressive

  5. Dammmmmm through the head

  6. was that a bullet hole or blood on the wall after he got shot?

  7. Yah he is no longer alive that I’m confident in.

  8. Israeli sniper says no to blind firing.

  9. On the weekends IDF snipers play some csgo

  10. The clock is clean sir.

  11. They all appear to have guns in their hands yet only the one who raised their weapon to shoot was killed. Was this due to limitations of the sniper? Was it due to the rules that sniper was following not to shoot at anyone unless they raise their weapon? Iโ€™d think any and all with guns in their hands would be reasonable targets in this situation, no?

  12. [ Removed by Reddit ]

  13. Wow! Was that a headshot, I thought they don’t do that.

  14. Head, eyes

  15. Just take a little off the top.

  16. Bet way to die, just light out…

  17. Says something to his buddy before sticking his head out. ” Like this!”

  18. Just another day in the holy land

  19. Right in the kisser

  20. & that is how itโ€™s done.

  21. The two guys seemed to debate who would fire around the corner first. I’m betting the loser of that argument feels like a winner right now.

  22. Mind blowing accuracy!

  23. It’s weird to see a body drop down like that. *Disconnected*
    In movies It’s portrayed much different

  24. Here goes top skull..

  25. Love to see how โ€œhardโ€ his posse is as they all beat feet

  26. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  27. 100% fine. Move along. We didn’t miss a solution to cancer treatment here.

  28. May he run out of gas on his journey to Val- uh, paradise.

  29. Boop

  30. Lesson learned!

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