Over 1M Teslas recalled because windows can pinch fingers

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Over 1M Teslas recalled because windows can pinch fingers

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  1. >Tesla says in documents posted Thursday by U.S. safety regulators that the automatic window reversal system may not react correctly after detecting an obstruction.
    >The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that’s a violation of federal safety standards for power windows. An online software update will fix the problem, Tesla says.

    Must resist the temptation to test this on my Ford Focus.

  2. > An online software update will fix the problem, Tesla says.

    Kind of wild we can just preform recalls from our house now without doing anything.

  3. My cousin got choked out by a window in the 90s lol he was leaning out and accidentally was putting pressure on the switch and the window rolled up in his neck lol

  4. If I was going to buy a new electric car, Tesla would be at the bottom of my list. Having been around a friend’s, the perceived build quality (some body panels weren’t straight on a brand new car, and the interior wood felt rough!), and the fact that most stuff is controlled entirely by touchscreen (I’d prefer to be able to control stuff without looking away from the road, even if the car was driving itself) just doesn’t justify the price tag for me, especially given what other manufacturers are offering! Some of the new Hyundais look great!

    Edit: Added some context. I’m not condemning Tesla owners! I want everyone to be happy with the car they drive! 🙂

  5. 11 recalls in 2021. Not sure how many in 2022 but there were already 10 recalls by April. Definitely one of, if not the, most recalled brand of car.

  6. The idea of being able to connect to a vehicle remotely and change software is a terrible idea. Its only a matter of time until someone figures out a security weakness and fucks with things.

    Aside from that, this kind of connectivity only adds to the inevitability of making pay per use or subscription services for a vehicle you can already paid for. (A-la BMW and the heated seats)

  7. Thought about getting a Tesla when shopping for a new family ride.. it was quickly taken off the list. Glad I did so

  8. Also part of the recall, “Increased risk of facial harm to drivers who constantly remind you that they’re better than you because they drive a Tesla” 🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. I remember wishing I could put a down payment on a Tesla 15 years ago.

    Now, I wouldn’t drive one if it were given to me because Musk is a giant fucking asshole. Great spokesman…

  10. I hate how the windows have to go down a fraction of an inch when you open the door. Foolish and over-engineered.

    Oh and just wait until the screen glitches out and jacks the heating system to ultra high, and you can’t turn it off because the screen is glitched, so you have to shut it off with the app, but you can’t do that safely while driving, and the car just turns it back on every 30 seconds anyway.

    Fuck you Model Why

  11. This is what you get with fully self automated cars. Kids make a mess; the car be like: “fuck you and your fingers!”