Our toaster got stolen by some admin goofball in a tweed…

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+1056 – Y’all, let me tell you that I haven’t stopped thinking about this for about 2 weeks straight since it happened.

So here we were, finally sitting peacefully in the break room eating our lunch at like 3pm when some goofy goober admin stiff walks into our cozy little safe space and starts looking around—didn’t even acknowledge us. Our conversation immediately went silent as we just sat there and watched him.

All of a sudden he goes “AHA! And who does THIS belong to!?” as he swooped in and essentially ripped our toaster out of the wall. The silence in the room while this was all happening was deafening.

He then proceeded to walk out of the room, and I kid you not, he held the toaster high above his head like a damn war trophy, in the middle of the NICU hallway and yelled to his buddies “We got one!”


My guess is that there was supposed to be some type of safety tag on it that wasn’t there? The toaster belonged to one of the night nurses, so I’m assuming that was why it was taken, but like, dude…get a fucking life.

I was in the navy for a long time before nursing, and I’m very familiar with the concept of “illegal” and non-safety tagged electronics posing a fire hazard, but that was on a fucking boat, where fires pose a much greater risk (see the USS Bonhomme Richard) than in a brand new hospital break room where tired nurses sometimes want to toast their fucking bagels.

I never even used that toaster, but I’m still mad about it. Hospital admin shouldn’t be allowed in break rooms.

2022-08-06 11:41:53

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  1. Contraband! Shame on you for liking bagels and English muffins and toast. How dare you have time to even toast things. Personally I think they were taking it to use for themselves.

  2. This one hit home, we were shuffling floors due to renovations (during covid mind you) and someone hid the toaster in my locker which is never locked. Kept the damn thing in the trunk of my car for eight months until we finally got resettled. Took it back in, and it promptly disappeared within a week. Two days later administration sent us a bagel tray to celebrate the reopening of the unit. I hate that place

  3. The new head of security destroyed our on call room, which is guaranteed in our union contract. His excuse was along the same lines – a fan that wasn’t “safe/approved” and a “fire hazard”. Well he also removed all the scrubs and black out curtains and said it was “illegal for us to live there”. Ok buddy, do you really want to purge the remaining staff that’s working back to back doubles single-handedly keeping the hospital running?

  4. Shoulda screamed “thats my toaster. I don’t know you”

    (Not sure if anyone will get it’s a king of the hill reference)

  5. This is why I like my current hospital. No micromanagement and the maintenance guys approved our air fryer.

  6. I’m glad he and the rest of admin has so much free time for nonsense. I mean I’m sure there isn’t anywhere else he could be to actually help out an over worked stressed out staff. F’ing bean counters in suits

  7. This is where you “tactically acquire” the toaster back.


    Lessons the green weenie has taught me

  8. Our CEO and every other suit know to leave our fucking toaster AND our George Forman alone… hell hath no fury like a cath lab nurse scorned.

  9. Our admin once took a damn Nespresso Machine home for herself. We went crazy for days wondering where it was and who took it, a week later she came up with an excuse her hubby had wanted to try it out. Admin and their small appliance boundaries… ugh

  10. I once worked a unit that moved physical location several times due to hospital renovations. We ended up on what was once the neuro rehab unit (phased out years before) which had not been used for a long time. It had a fully functional kitchen, once used to re-teach home skills. For over a year we used it to make full meals. Coworkers from other units or departments would swing by for a bowl of chili or whatever. Wonderful. Our manager turned a blind eye.

    One day a new supervisor wandered in and the next day all the appliances were gone. We were already scheduled to move again within a few weeks so not as heartbreaking as could be but very annoying.

  11. We aren’t allowed to have toasters because people kept starting them and walking off and setting off fire detectors. And no matter what, the fire department is still required to come into the building to verify we aren’t really burning down. It’s obnoxious but I also don’t see the sudden urge to make toast at work?

    I am, however, inspired to go to goodwill and find the cheapest and most ratty toasters I can find and start fucking with department management and bring them in. Every time one disappears I’d just go get another from my car and voila!

  12. This happened a month ago at the hospital I work at. The funny thing is the physician’s lounge still has one, so if it was a fire hazard like they told us when they were taking it, why didn’t they also take that one? Our toaster even had a sticker saying it was approved for use by the hospital. Now we gotta eat soft bread like peons 😟

  13. How do so many people have stories about this? This is insane. Even if you work in a normal office, you don’t just take the damn office toaster or coffee maker! Wtf! Who are these people?? I’m sorry friends.

  14. I’m really surprised you all didn’t start laughing and do a victory chant for him to stroke his ego!
    Safety comes through and thankfully we usually get a heads up since we’re in a separate area and our clerks send out a mass 9-1-1 so we know. So we put everything “contraband” in the cabinets, drawers, fridge, lockers. Leave everything out with the green sticker. If something is every forgot they just write it up, our supervisor told us they couldn’t take personal property.

  15. I work nights. I bought a toaster, asked the day unit clerk to have engineering checkout the toaster and see if I can keep it in the break room. It was in the box and all, so they can see the specs and what not. Guess what happens… The crazy micromanaging day shift manager sees the box first, goes crazy, on a witch hunt, “Who brought this toaster?!!!” I’m obviously not to there, but the unit secretary says it mine. Yeah I asked you… never mind she’s just scared. So I get pulled into a meeting with my manager and the day shift manager to explain myself. A full on meeting about a toaster. I just took it home and said I guess I don’t get my carbs crisp and warm. 😞

  16. I swear we cannot have shit in this profession. Nothing. Zip. Nada. The correct way to handle this without because a dick was education and then offering to notify the proper departs to okay for hospital usage. They gonna start yanking out crockpots at every work party?

    It’s not always what you say or do, it’s how you say and do it. A little respect for someone’s personal items. Smh.

  17. Pharmacy here, they took away our toaster oven.

    Like what the fuck man. Pizza and chicken wings need to be reheated in a toaster oven, not in a fucking microwave if you want them to be crispy.

  18. Look at how any milestone or achievement on an aircraft carrier is celebrated with cake. Small perks like that are vital for morale. If I were an admin, the absolute last thing I would fuck with would be access to food, especially treats. That’s the quickest way to turn an already stressful workplace into hell.

  19. “Hospital admin shouldn’t be allowed in break rooms.”

    Dude last time JCAHO came to the hospital I was working at as a traveler there were comments made by admins after their visit about how it “really wasn’t safe that the nurses can’t hear the call lights in the break room” and were TRYING TO HAVE A CHIME INSTALLED IN THE BREAK ROOM so the nurses can always hear it.

    Hospital admin ABSOLUTELY should be banned from all staff break areas.

    The place I work at now literally has multipliers plugged into OTHER MULTIPLIERS, a thing I discovered when we lost power a while back and had to go to generator power.

    Oh, that was also around the time we discovered that the pyxis wasn’t plugged into the red outlets.

  20. Makes you wonder if they weren’t high and doing some executive club scavenger hunt within the hospital

  21. Looks like the Joint Commission set out another one of their Stalinist metrics, this time it’s moist ass bread.

  22. No way. Probably a doc looking for a toaster for their break room.


    But we are nurses so we could make up plausible stories about anything involving human behaviors all fucking day.

  23. My hospital has rules very similar to my college dorm for appliances. No open heating elements. So it’s just the key rig our old manager bought and the shitty microwaves the hospital provides. They have little timer buttons you can push to heat up to one minute at a time. Guess they never had to reheat a frozen lean cuisine for lunch. The claim is that someone on another unit kept burning popcorn in a regular microwave so that why we have these weird ones.

  24. Just remember that this administrator probably gets paid well into the 6 figures. Probably spent all day doing this too.

  25. I worked at a place where the unit nursing committee went through the trouble of finding out what kind of toaster oven would be allowed, got official approval on a specific model which used infrared instead of heating elements. Money was raised from staff to buy it.

    After a couple of weeks it disappears, there’s a unit-wide email scolding us all and reminding us that toaster ovens aren’t allowed. She was sent the approval from facilities stating this particular model was actually allowed and how much it cost. Crickets.

  26. “Ah, I see you have the toaster! This is my favorite. You see, we lease this back from the company we sold it to! That way it comes under the monthly current budget and not the capital account.”

  27. As a peon in hospital admin, they took our toaster, too. And I’m in HR. I don’t even know who to complain to.

  28. I would call this management team out on their unprofessional and childish behavior. Look up the policy on toasters so you are prepared for a response, if you are not allowed that’s fine but that is no excuse for the way they handled it. My guess is that it just wasn’t cleared and tagged by engineering or something, but again, not a good way to handle it. Be as professional as possible. Rise above their petty behavior. Well….. at least outwardly.

  29. Healthcare FM here. At my facility, we allow toasters(upright slotted type), coffee makers, and microwaves as long as they have been tested by UL or an equivalent organization. Toaster ovens aren’t allowed because the timer can be set for longer than just a few minutes and is more likely to be left unattended. Along the same lines are air fryers and crock pots. But some admin jackass just grabbing it like they just found buried treasure and w/o any explanation smacks of someone being on a power trip.