OTK Announces New Pc Company With Moist As Partner

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  1. hilarious they wanted people to use the stock emotes, then immediately started banning people for using it during the actual announcement. I wonder how many subs just got perma banned for joking using something they started.

  2. “chat, say buy or sell throughout the stream, it’ll be so fun”

    “you said sell? during OUR announcement? perma”

  3. Subscriber-only chat as soon as Asmongold confirmed they’re serious and moderators permanently banning any sort of negative message lol.

    Can’t wait in a few months when this fails like every PC Building Company and it’s revealed they just threw a few millions to buy Artesian Builds assets that were on sale awhile ago.

  4. The irony in Asmon talking about trust and client satisfaction while mods banning anyone questioning or criticizing the new company in chat

  5. my favorite part of the announcement is miz and his mods PERMA banning people for jokingly typing Sell

  6. The fact they encouraged corpa buying and selling only for it to backfire hard and them starting to ban people for using it is a next level hilarity. They really didn’t anticipate this response at all to their announcement.

  7. Dear streamers. We watch you so you can entertain us. We don’t care about the personal business ventures you decide to delve into to make even more money. If you want to do a #AD at least be transparent about it and don’t hype up people as if you are going to announce something that could add to their entertainment. (The reason people watch you.)

  8. This fine in all but wtf was with the moderation?

    As soon as announcement happened, Sub-only chat and putting “Corpa Sell” got you perma’d despite it having been spammed all stream. Kinda weird…

  9. I don’t understand how they seriously think people would be excited for this.

    Wow congrats you’re going to make more money?

  10. It would be so easy to just partner with nzxt or any other similar company and make a normal good pre built but add a OTK theme to it increases the price for the extra work and make it a special edition but they were probably greedy and just bought a lot of pcs in bulk and jacked up the price considerably

  11. But why? Selling pcs that are simply put together for thousands of dollars over newegg retail price is insane.

  12. I feel like OTK is going to lose a ton of their fans interest when they do big events to just announce more #Ads or new ways they plan on making money. Would be much better if instead of being cryptic they just say ahead of time hey we are announcing a new ad partner etc.

  13. *OTK announces PC company with Moist*

    “Okay that’s cool, don’t want to repeat another Artesian.”

    *starting price is $999 for a rig that has cheap parts*


    *bans people criticizing the specs and prices*

    “Oh no”

    *highest end PC is has sub-par parts for $3,500*

    “Oh no no no no….” KEKL

    Edit: typo