Order Email Megathread (August 08, 2022)

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502 shares, 832 points


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  1. So basically next thursday uk and maybe us should catch the eu queues, let’s see if after that they all advance at the same rate because these have been some painful weeks 🙁

  2. I’m at 78.02% now!!

    512 US

    By the looks of it I could be up Thursday!!

    Anyone think it’s a lock???

  3. I live 30 miles from the distribution. It left Chicago yesterday at 11pm, was supposed to come in today, currently still in transit from Chicago. Knowing FedEx it’ll be in Europe tomorrow.

  4. My 64GB ordered last April says I’m in Q4 but when I extrapolated the graph, It’s possible that I will be able to purchase it on 29th of Sept. I hope this trend continues.

  5. Mine was delivered today after ordering last Monday. Honestly those seven days were harder than the last year

  6. Did literally *no one* in europe get an order email today ??

    I’m in the 512 EU queue and i went from 4.75% to…. 4.75% wtf ??!!

    Getmydeck says about 30 minutes of orders went out today. How the hell is that possible ?

  7. As of today I’m at 98% and absolutely losing my mind

    Pretty sure at this point in the day I’m right at the front of the line for Thursday, BUT MAYBE IF I CHECK MY EMAIL ONE MORE TIME IT’LL BE THERE

  8. US 512GB
    Pre-Ordered 7-19-21
    Purchase email arrived 8-4-22
    Purchased and currently shipping. ETA Friday 8-12-22

  9. Says waiting and can’t buy because pending transaction in progress for 20mins aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. had a nice jump from 9 to 16.5% for my 512 US order, im thinking the 18th or the 21st for my email

  11. I get the email after checking nonstop all day, only to find out STEAM DOESN’T TAKE AMERICAN EXPRESS. An extremely recent development apparently… Now I have to rush to the bank tomorrow to transfer funds, and it’s gonna get here later because of it.

  12. For everyone having shipping problems of at least 7 days. So far I’ve had the opposite, but I am in Indiana and my order says shipping from Illinois.

    Purchased 8/4 and based on the FedEx updates, it will easily arrive tomorrow.