OpIran – Anonymous Hits Iranian State Sites, Hacks Over 300…

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OpIran – Anonymous Hits Iranian State Sites, Hacks Over 300 CCTV Camera

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  1. trying to get a hold of my cousin for 2 days, last time I talked to her she said the army and police are shooting people in the crowds. I hope they over throw these clerics once and for all.

  2. This comment may get buried, but I’ve been thinking for a while and wanted to engage in conversation about this.

    Anonymous is a decentralized, anonymous hacktivist organization that isn’t an organization at all. The Guy Fawkes mask lifted from V for Vendetta as their symbol is appropriate: a mask, that can be taken on during the execution of an act and taken off when the act is complete. A revolving door of sorts for basically anyone to come and go as they please and wear the mantle for a while. This is my understanding.

    I believe that, likely for some time, western state actors have taken up the mantle of Anonymous and coordinated, or at least participated in, cyber attacks through this medium. It seems like a smart play to me, in general folks seem to approve of what anonymous does and they have a great story: vigilantes who are stepping in and doing what they see as the right thing. They don’t have to deal with the ickyness of being associated with a state intelligence apparatus.

    And yet, time and time again, the actions of Anonymous have this funny way of aligning with US/Western interests. Could it be that Anonymous is full of neoliberal pro-capitalist tech gurus? Maybe the targets in the US are too hardened, so they go for softer targets in Iran, Russia, etc? Is it some matter of “I’m over here, you’re all the way over there, so catch me if you can”?

    I think a mix: there are folks with the knowledge and skills to do just what Anonymous is purported to do: take vigilante action where they see injustice brewing. And I think as well that if you leave a gun lying around, like the mask of Anon, then someone is going to pick it up.

  3. So I’ve always liked Anonymous. Or at least what they try to stand for.

    But I too have asked why they don’t find and expose real dirt. If you have the people and the minds then why do these tend to be no more than inconveniences?

    Any ideas on why they can’t/won’t ramp it up?

  4. Just two days ago Reddit was collectively laughing at Anonymous over the video and saying how useless they were. How quickly their tunes have changed.

  5. I hope they record all the beatings women are enduring for standing up for themselves. Broadcast it world wide so their shameful behavior is out there for everyone to see.

  6. Because 300 CCTV cameras is important? One assume in a dictatorial state they would have thousands and thousands, you know, like the UK! 😶

  7. This and an article about how to setup a signal proxy for Iranians?

    Does anybody still believe anonymous or signal is anything but US intelligence attacking Iran right now?