Opinion | Shocker: Most Republicans oppose plan to avert a…

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Opinion | Shocker: Most Republicans oppose plan to avert a 2024 Trump coup

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  1. It is not a Trump coup, it is a Republican coup. It does not matter who is in the spotlight of the fascist authoritarian party.

  2. The republican party is the neoconfederate party aligned with neonazis and neofascists. They should have never been allowed to step into a government building again the moment jan6 happened

  3. I take comfort knowing that yes, they will definitely try and steal the election again, but also that the world is already prepared for it, and watching.

    I do still have faith that behind the scenes, there are moves in play to prepare for their bullshit.

  4. Republicans were fascists a long time before Trump showed up. He just started saying the quiet parts out loud.

  5. Republicans know that their base is shrinking and have known for many years. They have shifted in response to that information to consolidating levers of minority power, rather than trying to appeal to a changing electorate.

  6. What have they been told about it, though?

    We base our opinions on the facts about the world as we know them to be, if we don’t know those fact then our opinions can’t possibly reflect them.

    If Republicans are being told that things like House Resolution One and Liz Cheney’s Electoral Vote Act are being advanced *with the intent of silencing the Republican electorate’s voice,* then yeah, they’re gonna’ be grumpy about it.

    I’m grumpy ***as fuck*** about Republican voter ID laws, and Republicans closing down polling places, and Republicans clearing voter rolls, all of which are being done with the damn near explicit intention of disenfranchising Democratic voters, aren’t you pissed about that? I sure as shit am.

    Now consider how fucking much Republicans love their projection. They see *their* elected officials out there trying to disenfranchise *Democratic voters* with new and restrictive voting laws, so if they’re looking at Democrat’s and Cheney’s proposals through a Republican lens (which, of course, *they are*) you can see how they would ~~assume~~ **pre**sume that the Democrats and Cheney have similar motivations to their own politicians.

    I have said this many times and I’m sure I’ll say it again, the biggest problem with the modern Republican party is that their news media is hyperbolic, sensationalized, *addictive* poison. A person can only form opinions based on the facts they know and the information they have, if their media is providing them with false or bad or nonsense information then yeah, their viewer’s opinions are going to reflect that.

    LPT for electoral politics: Facts don’t matter, perceptions matter. If your economy is rocking a 4.6% unemployment rate, but a majority of the electorate believes that there’s a 20% unemployment rate, you’re going to lose your election.

    Even if Democrats wrote the best legislation in the world Republicans wouldn’t hear about it until the news made it to Fox, and even then they’d only know what Fox told them about it.

  7. Republicans are fascists who gain power through coups? Ok I’m pretty shocked, well maybe not that shocked actually

  8. Why would they oppose the foil to the very thing they have built their entire careers building?

    Autocracy is not the bug in the GOP machine, it’s the primary feature.

  9. No shocker at all. Trump has no money, his boss is busy flailing around Ukraine, and those in the conservative apparatus who tolerated his antics are turning on him. His usefulness to them has run out.

  10. Maybe if it doesn’t pass, they would be happy to let Biden have Kamala declare him the winner even if he loses the election?

  11. Hate to say this but I have a bad feeling that no matter who wins in 2024, there’s gonna be violence. I hope I’m wrong but the signs are there.

  12. And here is the ugly truth in all its glory. Republicans are fake patriots. Any patriot worth their salt would not want to screw over half of their country.

  13. This is shocking to who exactly? The center-right establishment that runs all these media outlets and live under a rock?!

  14. Uh huh. They’ve certainly proven to have constitutions of iron. so far.

    I expect we’ll see more of the same in the future.