One of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers fears being slain in a…

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+3643 – One of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers fears being slain in a Georgia state prison, court document says

2022-08-06 16:28:35

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  1. “Killer imprisoned with other killers realizing he’s not as scary of a killer as other killers has regrets over killing because now he could be killed.”

    “And now here’s sports!”

  2. Ahmaud Arbery’s killers probably assume they’ll be impulsively attacked and killed in any scenario where they’re outnumbered given they’re the kind of people that impulsively killed somebody they outnumbered.

    I don’t know what to tell them. That’s the life of an animal and these guys chose it. It is *way* too late for these guys to respect civility in civil society and the civilian lives they only enjoyed while they honoured it themselves.

  3. Let me get this straight: you chased down a man with a few of your buddies and murdered him. Now you’re punished for that, and you’re worried someone is going to chase you down with a few of their buddies and do the same?

  4. Good , now imagine the fear Ahmaud was in.
    Now he’ll be in fear for the rest of his life in prison

  5. Look, people shouldn’t have to fear being killed while serving their time. We need serious and sweeping reforms to the judicial and prison systems. That being said, no sympathy bitch, maybe you should’ve thought about that before being a murderously racist pimple on the asscheek of humanity.

  6. One one hand, our prison system needs a massive overhaul and be actually geared towards rehabilitation. On the other hand, fuck these guys in particular.

  7. As often repeated, especially for the KKK assholes in back…


    “Do not do the Crime, if you cannot do the Time”.

  8. Perhaps the first good thing this guy could do with his life is make a case to his fellow whites about the necessity of prison reform.

    He should be punished, and we should not depend on a cruel system to satisfy our collective bloodlust.

  9. Ahmaud feared for his life and he was right to do so. He was gunned down in his own town. This ginger fuckface deserves no special treatment. If he gets slain in prison that’s karma. Ahmaud should be alive today but this ginger fuckface decided otherwise. I hope he suffers greatly in prison.

  10. You know who else fears being slain in a Georgia state prisons? Everybody who is sentenced to one.

    Should we fix our prison systems? Yes. Should you get special treatment and consideration? No.

  11. So y’all hunted a black man and murdered him in cold blood and get sent to prison that’s majority black men and you’re scared? Please tell me more.

  12. Dude has life in prison without possibility of parole; he’s gonna die in prison no matter what

  13. I wonder if Ahmaud Arbery feared being slain by a couple of racist rednecks for no reason at all

  14. Ahhh well you know, you shouldn’t have murdered that black man for no reason and this whole prison thing wouldn’t be an issue. Have a good time, dummy.

  15. Note: im against the death penalty as a matter of principle. The government should not have the power to use the legal system to justify killing someone that is in it’s custody. One mistake is one too many.

    Okay here we go… If we (as in society) think someone deserves death then we need to sentence them to death. Otherwise we are sanctioning vigilantism, which is exactly what Arbery’s murderers were engaged in. If the punishment isn’t death but we place the person in a situation that we know will result in their death then we can’t claim to be a nation of laws. A nation willing to let others do our dirty work while we sit on our high horse, maybe… It’s kind of a mouthful though.

  16. So the feral bozo lookin, unwashed klan fuk who had NO hesitation blowing a mans heart from.his chest..then kicking his bloodied body while calling him n******…..is worried about being harmed huh?

    Sounds about white. Shame on the Bruthas in Ga if they dont end this pos..piece by piece.

    Rest in Power Ahmaud.

  17. It’s exactly like the fear of walking down the street as a black person in a white neighborhood, except not at all.

  18. The American prison system is definitely in need of major reforms. Even criminals have a right to safety. Also, fuck this dumb racist murderer.

  19. It’s a valid fear, but this is how society works. He made his bed, now he has to lie in it. It’s part of the penalty for what he did.