Ominous signs for South Africa. The hunted are now the…

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+166 – Ominous signs for South Africa. The hunted are now the hunters. Go All Blacks.

2022-08-06 06:52:43

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  1. Springboks are hunters? Always looked pretty fluffy and harmless to me when hopping through the Kalahari

  2. Zebras are fucking cool looking. Iirc they believe they evolved those stripes so that it is harder for the lions etc to single one out in the hunt

  3. I can tell you now, that zebra would of got mortified. It may of got off the first bite but that’s about it, it would of been sore for the crocodile but after that, the crocodile would of created a blood bath.

    Very bad analogy lol.

    I’m South African and I have neither faith in Springboks or All Blacks winning, ironically a team has to win. Yes there can be a draw that’s just rare these days with 3 pointers.

  4. Have you all noticed that game rangers always warn you about the herbivores more than anything else?

    Buffalo, Gemsbok, Elephant and Hippo are some of the animals with the highest kills counts of people….

    Because they are overly aggressive where as the predators are more chilled. Probably cause a lion knows it can have you as a snack when ever the fuck it chooses.

    Buffalo are more like that guy in the bar that just snaps then starts throwing chairs, ramming people and then chills out after someone offers tequila