1. Cats are gonna be mad when they find out we’re taking credit for the all the birds they kill.

  2. You forgot Randy Johnson on that list

  3. Source: [US Fish & Wildlife Service](https://www.fws.gov/library/collections/threats-birds)

    Tools: Excel, Illustrator

    Note: True estimates of bird mortality are difficult to determine and estimates aren’t available for some human-caused sources, such as habitat loss.

    We were inspired to create this visual after publishing an article on [wind turbines](https://usafacts.org/articles/how-much-us-electricity-comes-from-wind-power/) in the US and receiving a lot of questions about bird deaths. This data source is a few years old and only an estimate, but it could add some context to that conversation.

  4. Note that solar and wind turbines are nowhere in sight (except when collissions are broken down: 234k, which is less than the oil pits’ 750k). Fearmongering about how solar cells and wind turbines kill tons of birds per year is way overblown.

  5. I really think the birds need to take ownership of some of these

  6. Should probably keep the cats inside.

  7. Someone show this to the Wind Farm naysayers

  8. Take the cats away. Watch the skies darken. Squirrels shiver in fear. The poop is all encompassing. Bald Eagles grow hair. The noise, its deafening. . .

    The song birds:


  9. Fun fact:

    An Ig Nobel Prize candidate, years ago, found that pigeons will rape the dead bodies of other pigeons.

    They discovered this from watching pigeons flying into the glass panes, on skyscrapers – and then witnessing pigeons come down to have their way with their broken-necked friend…

  10. This gives a really misleading picture, as it only shows direct causes of mortality, while ignoring causes of population decline in the broader sense.

    In reality, habitat-related issues are *by far* the greatest threat to bird populations worldwide.

    * [Threats affecting globally threatened bird species.](https://i.imgur.com/RGRjOZN.png)

    * [Invasive species affecting globally threatened bird species.](https://i.imgur.com/y4gLRCN.png)


    BirdLife International (2018) *[State of the world’s birds: taking the pulse of the
    planet.](https://www.birdlife.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/SOWB2018_en.pdf)* Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International.

  11. Shoutout to u/Cutiepatootiehere who posted a link to the Statista chart on the same topic a few days ago. This chart uses the same data source but includes a few more causes of bird deaths.

  12. A duck covered in oil is such a poignant image, but domestic cats are over 3000x more deadly.

  13. Note habitat loss not listed. Losing ~70% of our wetlands in the last 50 years is a much higher cause of mortality

  14. Damn, and why the fuck is there so much “hate” against wind turbines and how they kill birds? When they arent even 0.1% of the problem, according to this anyway

  15. I was told by a former President that wind turbines kill way more birds than that.

    Was he lying to me?

  16. r/aww on their way to call you a busybody for pointing this out. They’ll clown on pitbulls all day but don’t you dare point out how much wildlife Mr. Squiggles genocides when you’re not looking

  17. obligatory r/birdsarentreal

  18. Damn, I thought my back yard oil pit would be more effective…

  19. My wife loves to feed birds but when the crazy cat lady moved in next door we stopped feeding them so they wouldn’t get killed.

  20. I’d be curious to see this normalized in some way. Like “birds killed per cat” vs “birds killed per building” vs “birds killed per wind turbine” as a way to understand effects of building more buildings or building more wind turbines or building more cats.

  21. Where is cats walking in taverns and licking spilled beer from their paws until they die?

  22. I can’t wrap my head around those numbers. 3 billion birds killed per year? Something like 10 millions birds per day? Like 100 birds killed _per second_?

    If that many birds are being killed, wouldn’t there be mountains of corpses or something?

  23. Where are “destruction of habitat for development”, and “pollution”?

  24. Keeping a cat outside is horrible for the cat as well. The average lifespan for an outside cat is only 2-5 years. An inside cat will easily live 3 times as long or more. They’re exposed to extreme temperatures, predators like coyotes, cars, and diseases like FIV. For the sake of the environment and your cat’s health, *please* for the love of god keep them inside.

  25. As a cat owner, keep your fucking cats inside

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